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    [@ian] Thank you for the heads up. I for one, will not be partaking in today’s giveaway. Thank you though.

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    мщм jjhy

    the program isn’t activated. I spent time for those who isn’t ready to respect others. would be what to test during this time

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    Fred Grandy

    Another problem offering. ESet security a few days ago (not emailing the activation keys) now this problem offering. Whats next.

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    [@Fred Grandy]

    We are here to help with any issue including the activation part.

    Please send us an email with any question or issue

    Thank you
    Good day

    William H.

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    @everyone: We’ve updated the promo with working directions. Please grab it again from us.

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    Jim King

    Tried “updated” information and product still fails to activate!!!

    Uninstalled and SecureHunter added to my “DO NOT Recommend” list

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    @ian: Thank you for the link! Everyone should read!

    I seem now to recall having problems with this software perhaps a year ago and was not going to try it again; think it was also hard to remove.

    Hope I don’t get sued for saying this :P

    Thanks anyway, Boss. You’re still the best.

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    Oops! Ian’s link is still worth reading, but SecureHunter is not Spyhunter. But it was still SecureHunter that I tried before and had problems with.

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    Thank you for this program. I had no issues with either the download or the registration file.
    I previously had Secure Hunter Anti-Malware Beta 2015 works seamlessly on my Windows 7.

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    For those considering this software offer, please read the 3rd post on this link:

    It’s extremely advisable reading these posts and making the right decisions based on the experience revealed there

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    We have nothing to do with SPYHUNTER from this forum.


    Why you keep mention this company here ?

    Please do not confuse users..

    Thank you
    Good day
    William H.

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    For shits’n’giggles I did another “Secure Hunter” search of my machine and only turned up a saved note from last month that I sent them, then forgot about. SH does deserve to be forgotten. However, as it seems I made a certain promise in said note, here it is:

    “Obtained your Pro giveaway from WindowsDeal on 1/21 which said the offer was good for two more days. Installed on 1/22 yet the registration info was REFUSED. Furthermore I traced the installation using both Soft Organizer and Commodo Programs Manager and they both ERRORED – NOT properly traced. I have used these for YEARS and this has NEVER happened before. Finally used Revo Uninstaller and have hopefully removed most of your CRAP. Your funky uninstaller at least kindly informed me to remove remaining components manually – what a joke. I see now that WindowsDeal has removed your product from its page even though the offer was to continue another day. I shall remember you and miss no opportunity to inform people how hard you suck.”

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    [@Igor] The program is great, thank you! It is a pity that there is no Russian language.

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    Thank you for this great program!

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    Thanks for the gift

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