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    [ @Maurice]

    I tried that and it didn’t work. So I lost my version 4.2 and can’t install the new one. I am pissed. Instead of telling us that this works, please pay attention to all the people STILL saying that this registration DOES NOT WORK for many of us. I’m angry not just that this doesn’t work, but that I lost my older version as well.

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    Can you PLEASE help us to get another KEY for this? You have 4 pages mainly of complaints of how this isn’t working so don’t tell us it IS. Maybe the difference is between those who had prior version and those who are starting brand new. Whatever it is, WE NEED A NEW KEY AND PLEASE HELP US. I lost version 4.2 as well.

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    We confirm that some of users who had previously installed older version of the Sketch Drawer and/or Digital Photo Suite bundle had problems with activation. Not it is fixed. Please download and install this giveaway once again.
    We are sorry about that situation and prolong activation period for this deal until the end of the month.

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    Svend Ostergaard

    I have now successfully registered the program ver 5.1
    Did this!
    Uninstalled unregistered version with Revo Uninstaller (available for free)
    Then I scanned for leftovers with Revo.
    Download the HUB program to my download folder.
    Started it as an administrator.
    When the program asked if I wanted to install, I clicked “download the installer to the computer” and clicked no for installation.
    Then went to my download folder and started the installer as an administrator.
    When Sketch Drawer started, I clicked on register and paste the code from the clipboard.
    Voila it worked!

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    Worked for me too. I’ll save my system now !

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    Hi Ashraf
    Thank you for all your efforts always. I have downloaded and installed the program without any problems. The problem I am having is it constantly crashes. With just trying to size a picture. Very frustrating, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Seems fixed Windows 10 x64 Pro. Re d/led. This time I let the d/l go to folder as usual. Then I broke
    the popup that wants to do the installation. Go to the SOS folder itself. Run as Admin the file called
    Sketch Drawer Pro.exe and then when launch the desktop icon (even as a regular one) that common serial
    given will take. Check Help About & there it is. Glad they straightened this out.
    btw I guess they’ll fix the countdown clock here (or not) but still is showing <15 hours remaining for
    the sale end. Perhaps the “extension to the end of the month) will still work even if d/l after sale.
    That has been the fix offer in past.
    As to program it loaded ok drag & drop, and saved ok (experiment with that first). Bit horsey to use so work on copies only until get to understand its quirky cropping for one thing. Didn’t want to maintain the aspect ratio for me at first.
    Thanks for all the work. Enjoy summer.

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    Daniel Beck

    Thanks! Looks wonderful, can hardly wait to try it out! ;)

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    YES – this WORKED!!!! Thanks so much for working on this and getting it to register – greatly appreciated. This is the sign of a class program and a class company!

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    taylor ranica

    i tried installing/uninstalling this 5 times even using iobits uninstaller to del all reg links and i still get that the key is messed up. im so thoroughly disappointed with this giveaway and will never try or buy any softorbits programs.i see where lots had probs with this even asking for a new key and such with no reply from softorbits over the past 2 days. fail:((((

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    I installed the re-issued version over the previous version, without doing an uninstall, and had no problem with activating it this time. Thank you for sorting it out in the end.

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    Nice piece of software Thanks.

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