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    [ @James C] License code not worth waiting for. I got one within a short time but the menus do not open fully to register nor anything else for that matter. The code was already embedded on the registration link but again the menu was incomplete so no way to submit the registration.

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    Been waiting for the email with registration code for over 24 hours now, and will mark it as spam and delete it, if it arrives.

    I have tried their VPN services, and it is really bad. Right in the middle of a conversation with people that I needed to be anonymous with, it closes and leave me with my own IP without even telling me it crashed!

    Tried to uninstall it, oh Windows 10 say it not even installed…

    Steganos, for the lose!

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    I haven’t recieved the licence key either…

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    This is the worst experience ….. so far ….. with FREE SOFTWARE???? that I’ve had.
    I received the license …. Great job … with a download link … Good so far …. downloaded the s/ware ….Bingo!
    DAMN … software not installing … try a few hundred times … pull out some grey/gray hair …. that also does not help!!
    Back next day … try again from the next download link …. Installed this time ….YAYYYY ….tried opening the main menu … that’s where you start the s/ware ….WTF … the window does not open completely ..Pull some more hair off my balding head …. Well let’s try registering and see what happens … enter the license … RATS … that window is also not opening completely … can’t get to the “Submit” button …. Is there one??
    That’s as far as it went. The s/ware won’t open to install … even after multiple attempts!
    Can you guys who rated it so highly … or anyone else for that matter … shed some light here??
    Reads like a s/ware which might be worth the trouble so how do you get it to work???
    Ah had to rate it 1 star …. really didn’t want to nut the window won’t proceed unless one of dem stars eh light up … WTF!

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    I didn’t receive email with my key. Registration page says it can take 10 minutes but that was 2 hours ago . Should I wait? I can no longer use my IP to request a new email +key

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