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    Have something to say about Steganos Privacy Suite 17? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Steganos Privacy Suite 17, post it here! If you know of issues with Steganos Privacy Suite 17, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    I’ve been using Steganose security apps for many years, I’ve tested other apps during this time and have always continued using Steganose because they are the best in quality, features, easy to use and give great customer support. The Privacy Suite brings it all together which makes it even better!

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    Bruce Weinstein

    I’d enjoy leaving a positive comment about the Steganos Privacy Suite, if they shareware.com would have sent the license key. This situation continues to be a sore spot with your firm.

    But thanks for the effort,

    Bruce Weinstein

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    I downloaded from sharewareonsale but the license page in link (( https://www.steganos.com/specials/komputerswiat1016/sss17 )) is not warking .

    thank you anyway

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    Is Steganos Privacy Suite good for Mac use also ??

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    The window to enter the license does not open fully. The license supplied in the e-mail is already on the window but no way to submit or continue.????

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    The main menu does not open fully when starting the software. No way to proceed. What kind of gimmick is this???

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    [ @Michael]
    This software does not seem to work at all. None of the windows/menus open fully on clicking the relevant icon. No way to register. Waste of time.

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    I have downloaded this soft today six hours ago and i’m waiting for the licence key
    Please, email me my key

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    Guido the Software Pimp

    Yeah yet another scam to get your email. Don’t bother, after I download it, install it the window won’t open to put the key number in. Add these losers to your SPAM folder at once with the bullshit email key they sent.
    3rd time. this week software has had this issue here.

    THEN!!!!!!!!!!!! THEN!!!!!!!!!!! You have to enter your name and email twice here, do the I am not a robot twice this place BLOWS!!!!!

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    says its a one computer use but what it should say is one IP address use others on same IP address can’t use.
    uninstalling if I can only use on one puter.

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    [ @don] yea I agree it’s a email grab, also lose the gotcha picture crap, go to a number one that isn’t so questionable.

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    Has anyone actually got the code through from Steganos yet?

    Submitted my request hours ago but so far just total silence. I may have considered upgrading to the latest version, but if the automated systems used for code generation are this slow, how slow would support be where a human needs to get involved?

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    No license sent after 12+ hrs waiting.

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    James C

    Like other complaints shown here, I too submitted my e-mail address early this morning, Saturday, October 22, 2016.

    When I returned home this evening, NO confirmation message with the registration code.

    I returned to the e-mail in which the link with to register was shown, and re-submitted my e-mail address, only to be told that the IP Address had already been used.

    What is going on, please?

    If I have not received the registration e-mail, cannot re-submit my request because the IP Address has already been flagged – what is the solution and how am I to proceed.

    – James

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