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    great software

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    philippe denis

    le meilleur des logiciels de sauvegarde pour vos mots de pass.
    pour moi c’est le n°1.
    N’hesitez pas à l’utiliser,vous ne pourrez plus vous en passer

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    Marek – Sticky Password

    [ @kevin]
    Please follow these instructions: Download the special file from SharewareOnSale, install Sticky Password and create new account (this promo is only for new users). If you still have issues with the activation, please contact our support at support@stickypassword.com

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    Marek – Sticky Password

    [ @Dan L]
    Hi Dan – we’re really sorry you didn’t have a good experience with Sticky Password. I would like to clarify a couple of your points. There is no need to manually uninstall the extensions (before or after) when uninstalling Sticky Password. If you’re uninstalling the program, the extensions will be uninstalled automatically. In the unlikely event that there is a problem – like you had – then you can uninstall the extensions manually, but that’s an exception. Since you did have a tech problem, we’d really like to understand it better. We’d appreciate it if you’d reach out to support@stickypassword.com so that we can figure out why the problem happened.

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    John Efkolo

    This is one year premium sybscription, it is not full unlimited as they describe. After the year they trap you and you have to pay or to lose all your password progres. No, thank you.

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    Marek – Sticky Password

    [ @John Efkolo]
    Hi John, there are currently 2 promos on SharewareOnSale. The first is a giveaway of Premium features for 1 year. The second is a discounted promo to our lifetime license – this is the unlimited promo.
    After 1 year you can either subscribe for another year, get our lifetime license and never have to renew again or you’ll be switched to Free version. You’ll still have access to all your passwords but Free version of Sticky Password has less features. More about Free and Premium version can be found here https://www.stickypassword.com/free-password-manager-vs-premium

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    [ @Marek – Sticky Password] The promo is only for new users.

    Marek, Where does it state this on the promotion page? I downloaded and installed this on three computers, only to find that it did not update the license. Only then did I come to this discussion page, to find your comment.
    IMHO, Not a good marketing strategy, in trying to build a good name for your brand.
    I will say that I have liked Sticky Password, but quit using it exclusively, when I had some problems with some of the new features. Recently, I found out where to turn off the features I did not like and wanted to try it as my main PW manager again.

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    Marek – Sticky Password Team

    [ @Rich]
    Hello Rich, thank you for your comment. SharewareOnSale just added “only for new users” to the promo Terms & Conditions. We apologize for the inconvenience you had with updating the license. Please contact us at support@stickypassword.com to get a license key as a gift from us. Also if you need any help with Sticky Password features, feel free to contact our support any time.

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