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    Have something to say about SUMo PRO? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than SUMo PRO, post it here! If you know of issues with SUMo PRO, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Thank you Ashraf!

    I wanted to mention that this software provider has offered various software’s in the past. Not sure if this is a new version or what.

    The thing about this particular software maker is that they continue to offer the same things over and over, but all the while they are flagged by antivirus softwares and antispyware softwares.

    While I get, and I hope you people NOT IN THE KNOW GET THIS.

    LOOK : What it is when certain software’s get flagged as a VIRUS or whatever sometimes, it is because when you write a program/text/script or whatever you have to COMPILE it into a formation so that a computer can run it. Meaning you have to use a compiling software.

    Commercial compiling software is VERY EXPENSIVE!!!! Meaning that a lot of just getting started authors or those without means choose to use OPEN SOURCE COMPILERS to compile their software to distribute.

    A lot of ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE/SPYWARE/ETC flags software’s that are compiled with OPEN SOURCE software’s a BAD. While eventually they get notified and change things, the damage is done from the get go where the reputation goes.


    Why does this entity, software creator, programmer, or er’s, keep sharing things EVERYWHERE and not responding?

    I just mentioned the Compile issue. But I should not have to do so, the author should be doing that and should be responding to others every single time there is a promotional giveaway.

    I get the impression this is spyware/virus/steal ware. Why? Because of what I just said.

    This software is rather bland and useless anyway in my opinion there are far many better options.

    The author of this software can’t keep up with the times apparently because it has the same skin on the program it has had for years.

    Thanks for the offer Ashraf, but this information phishing software IS NOT FOR ME or for anyone for that matter. Who knows when ET will phone home with this one. JUST MY OPINION AND REVIEW……….

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    John A.

    Bob….Excellent review. We need more of this thoughtful Reviews.

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    – bill

    Bob, when ASHRAF invited you to “Share your knowledge with all of us” I’m not sure that the quality of ‘knowledge’ which you had to offer was quite what he had in mind.

    VirusTotal.com’s 62 combined virus engines gave this SoS download a completely clean bill of health, so apparently you didn’t even bother to check. The download is bit-for-bit identical to kcsoftware.com’s site download of the ‘lite’ version of Sumo which has always been free of the ‘Relevant Knowledge’ installation (likely unwanted software which has always been uninstallable separately, but slipping it in is still bad form) and with a quick glance I didn’t see any indication that kcsoftware even still offers the ‘non-lite’ version that used to contain it. The program itself is the favorite in this category for experienced users at techsupportalert.com, a long-respected free software site which clearly does not share your opinion of it (though does warn users to choose the ‘lite’ version). And if you use anti-malware software which is so incompetent as to flag anything compiled with an open source compiler as suspect, I’d advise you to look around for something better.

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    I would suggest you go to the publisher’s site. Download the portable version and enter the info to register the program. I would avoid any type of installation.

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    Hardeep Singh

    License automatically stopped working today. Now it shows Invalid license when I open the app. Are you providing trial version by falsely calling it lifetime?

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    Hardeep Singh

    License automatically downgraded today. You are providing trial version by falsely calling it lifetime.

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