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    Tom D.

    I had the same problem installing it as others above. If the installer is this crappy, what makes me think the actual program is any better? Deleted the Vopt install files from my precious PC, which is now safe again from bad software.

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    Having same problem on Win10-64 bit with installer that states that I have to close the program that could not be running if not successfully installed.

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    Can’t be installed on W10 x64. When wish to install, it stops with Error: The program Vopt.exe must be closed before continuing. Please close the program and click Retry to continue. Funny! How to continue when you gotta close the Vopt.exe, the installation file?

    The same error and “Windows7”, and “WindowsXPS P3”

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    Download from the site.
    Then can set despite the fact that the checksums one and same

    [Скачайте с сайта.
    Тогда сможете установить, несмотря на то, что контрольные суммы одни и теже]

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    You’ll laugh, so that there was no error, enough to rename the file to add any symbol:
    Vopt.exe -. Vopt9.exe

    [Вы будите смеяться, для того, чтоб не было ошибок, достаточно переименовать файл с добавление любого символа:]

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    sergio fernando

    Help I don´t installer vopt , please help-me

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    In accordance with Author of Vopt, HOWARD BARRY EMERSON’s wish, Vopt is his bequest to Windows PC users => free now !!!

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    Does not want to setup.

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    Douglas Saunders

    Zemana thinks the file is suspicious. I deleted just in case but it is probably fine

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    Franklin Moore

    Can’t install on WIN10 Pro x64

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    I finally got it installed completely. I went to the Vopt site and had to actually click on the link for the download file (“save as” gave me the 403 error). I had to save the registration text file to the desktop, then move it into the Vopt directory, but everything is working now.

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    Merci pour ce logiciel. Malgré quelques difficultés d’installation entrainant le téléchargement sur le site officiel, le logiciel fonctionne bien sous Win 10 Home x64

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    Impossible d’installer ce programme, dommage..
    Idem que les autres utilisateurs.

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    EN fin, je l’ai installer sur le site original et activer avec la manière expliquée
    sur le site Sharewareonsale.
    Après coller le fichier “txt”, il faut redémarrer le programme.
    Voici le lien de téléchargement: http://www.vopt.com/nudownload.htm.

    Bonne chance à tout le monde..

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    for those who have problem with installation….(vopt.exe must be closed blah blah)
    just rename install file (vopt.exe) into other names (like vopt_install.exe)

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