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    Have something to say about Vopt? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Vopt, post it here! If you know of issues with Vopt, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Can’t be installed on W10 x64. When wish to install, it stops with Error:
    The program Vopt.exe must be closed before continuing.
    Please close the program and click Retry to continue.
    Funny! How to continue when you gotta close the Vopt.exe, the installation file?

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    I am having the same trouble as Bill; The program Vopt.exe must be closed before continuing.
    Please close the program and click Retry to continue.

    Must be something to do with the installer part of this new setup procedure?

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    The program Vopt.exe must be closed before continuing.
    Please close the program and click Retry to continue.

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    Since the program is supposedly to be given away free, I decided to go to this http://www.vopt.com/index.html
    and downloaded the actual program. I also downloaded the license (which is posted here) and put it into the program file folder on my C: drive into Programs(86x) which is named Golden Bow. I had the actual program installed but it would not accept the license no matter where I put it into the previously mentioned folder. Kept indicating a 30 day free trial.

    So I simply used Revo and uninstalled it.
    Thanks anyway;;; too frustrating. Yes I followed your directions to the “T” but to no avail.

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    Dommage. Ce programme était prometteur, mais l’installation ne fonctionne pas (elle demande en permanence l’arrêt des programmes tournant sur le PC), malgré la mise en sommeil des protections (antivirus et autres).

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    I could not get this to install on x64 Win 10
    But, I downloaded the latest windows version v9.21.01, and the Vopt9Reg.txt file from the vopt.com website.
    Installed it, and before starting copied the Vopt9Reg.txt into the program folder.

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    download the VOPT921.exe from the Golden bow site

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    Decided to attempt this one more time; I saved the original license text as a text file and noticed that the extension was not viewable when I copied it into the program file folder. So I renamed the file by adding the txt after the dot and naturally windows indicated that the file already existed, do I want to replace it? Clicked yes; and now I have the free version installed. Thanks for this offer today. Also again just want to say that I had to download it from the link I furnished in my other posting up above this. Thanks again.

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    Ce logiciel difficile est à installer, il faut de multiples relances, et il ne prend pas en compte la licence installée avec le logiciel. Il faut la supprimer du dossier d’installation, relancer le logiciel pour avoir la période d’essai de 30 jours, puis en suite remettre une copie de la licence dans le dossier.
    Ce n’est d’ailleurs pas un vrai “Giveaway” car le logiciel est en téléchargement libre sur le site vopt.com.
    Finalement, il est pas assez efficace, avec interface vieillotte et même très laide, il ne tient pas compte des disques SSD qui ne doivent JAMAIS être défragmentés, et réclame le fermeture de certains processus de Windows.
    Désolé, mais beaucoup d’autres logiciels, même en version gratuite, sont très largement meilleurs. Jettez un oeil à Smart Defrag par exemple.

    This software is difficult to install, it must be restart several times, and it doesn’t take into account the installed license with the software. We must remove it from the installation folder, restart the software to obtain the 30-day trial period and then, put again a copy of the license in the folder.
    It is also not a true “Giveaway” because the software is free to download on the vopt.com site.
    Finally, it is not effective enough, with antiquated interface and even very ugly one, it doesn’t take account SSDs that should never be defragmented, and demanded the closure of some Windows process!
    Sorry but, much of other software, even in free version, are very much better. Take a look to Smart Defrag, by example.

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    Mudo J.

    All the “problems” and “bugs”, mentioned here and in the review, made me curious, so I downloaded the program from it’s web site and installed it on two computers (w7/64 and w10/64). It installed and registered smoothly and works as expected. I even like the interface, bu that is hardly important. Thank you, Mr. Emerson!

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    Anne Cox

    I’ve spent an hour wrestling with this. When I try opening the program file it wants to run so I can’t paste anything and I get the close Vopt.exe . I’m totally lost.

    Also I assume the txt. file is the key file. Is that correct?
    I am but a simple soul and need simple instructions I’m afraid.

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    Mudo J.

    Dear simple soul,
    are you sure, you actually need this program? What is wrong with defragmenter, that comes with Windows? It works and it is simple.
    Be well!

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    John M

    [@SchlossM] great directions. Followed your directions and it works fine.

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    Perhaps the server has been overloaded; when I try to download from vopt.com, I get a 403 error.

    Oh, and the same circular error with the SOS-downloaded version as has been mentioned here.

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