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    Tom Dunlop

    This download doesn’t work/install. You start the installer (vopt.exe), then an error box pops up saying you must close vopt.exe to continue, over and over again. DELETED.

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    Running x64 Win7 and having same problem as others. Getting the useless msg during install:
    “The program Vopt.exe must be closed before continuing.
    Please close the program and click Retry to continue.”

    Except the only Vopt.exe program running is the install. Tried it with the SoS download, failed. Went to the Vopt website and downloaded their “version” which as it turns out is the exact same EXE file. I know for certain because I did a bit-by-bit file comparison to test if they were different and they were not. So I’m at a loss.

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    Solution: it has nothing to do with the SoS install file vs the one you can get from the vogt.com website. They are bit-for-bit exactly the same. Except for their name, which is the key. The program will not install from a file named Vogt.exe (since it thinks it is already running when it detects itself trying to install) but will install if you rename the file to ANYTHING else, doesn’t matter ie, Vogt1.exe, Vogt_install.exe, WhatAStupidInstallFile.exe, etc.

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    Ce logiciel est impossible à installer car il signale que ce programme, bien que non encore installé, doit être fermé avant l’installation! Il est donc inutilisable en l’état. Dommage!
    Bonne journée.

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    download vopt from here:
    start install
    youll become “trial”
    close programm

    create txt-file with reg info as “vopt9reg.txt” and place it on install folder

    start vopt and enjoy!


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    After downloading and unpacking just rename installation file into something other than Vopt and all will be ok!

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    I tried to install this program when it was again offered in November, 2016 but did not read this comment section until after I started having problems installing the program. Had I read your instructions first I could save myself much time, effort, and frustration. Thank you for posting your installation protocol for “Vopt”.


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    Olivia Hardy

    I couldn’t get it installed. When I tried, it said I need to close vopt.exe. Have no idea it was opened since it wasn’t even installed yet. I would actually like to get it on my computer.

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    Robert Fare

    I kept getting the following error message when I tried to install the program:
    The program Vopt.exe must be closed before continuing. Please close the program and click retry to continue. So I went to vopt.com and as suggested in one of the comments posted here, downloaded the program from there, then I followed the instructions from SharewareonSale and succcessfully installed the program. The installation file downloaded from SharewareonSale’s website does not work. I noticed that several other people had the same problem and had to download the installation file from vopt.com.

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    Robert Fare

    Very nice program. Thankyou. It was worth the frustration I experienced installing it.

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    Thanks to Howard Barry Emerson for his generous parting gift R.I.P

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    Just like everyone else here I dl’ed Vopt, and when the window came up asking me if I wanted to install it I clicked yes only to be told I must close Vopt.exe to continue. I’ve gotten into my Task Manager and could NOT find any Vopt processes open or running except for the one I’d HAVE to use to INSTALL this thing! I have no idea how to get this up and running. I’m using Win 7 on a Toshiba i3.

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    Thanks for the opportunity to use this as freeware, now.

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    It’s using a challenge and response system.
    the vopt9reg.txt holds the challenge text.
    but the website and server has been taken off line, so there is no response.
    when you open the vopt9reg.txt file, and then click on the register button.
    you see a message close vopt to complete the registration.
    Then the register button shows in RED, Not Found

    Without the response it does not create the Registry key that unlocks the trial version.

    If anyone has it unlocked.
    Please export the HKCU\software\Golden Bow Systems
    registry to a Vopt9reg.reg file
    zip it up and share it please.

    The export should look something like this.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Golden Bow Systems\Vopt]
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    I had the same problem with trying to install Vopt 9.21 on a Windows 10 Pro x64 system. So, I decided to download the Vopt installer from MajorGeeks website, since the Golden Bow Systems website is gone.

    I saw the installer file from MajorGeeks was named Vopt921.exe. So, just on a hunch, I renamed the Vopt.exe file I downloaded from SharewareOnsale to Vopt921.exe. I tried the install again and it went off without a hitch. It’s a very simple fix, but it was easily missed by the provider. Which begs the question, “Why did they change the installer file name anyway?” Go figure. :-) Enjoy!

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