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    Have something to say about WinCatalog 2017? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than WinCatalog 2017, post it here! If you know of issues with WinCatalog 2017, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    This is a great program and I encourage you to give it a try with this lifetime license available for free. I tried it some years ago and purchased the program. It really brought organization to all the programs, DVDs and otherwise, that I had. I always use it when I purchase a program or even when I get a freebie like this. It really helps me keep track of the version numbers, license numbers, passwords, etc. I have to say it was one of the best try it/buy it programs I have.

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    Ken Driver

    When I start the application, it informs me it is a trial edition

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    Joe Smart

    [ @Ken Driver] This is a year old version of the program. As soon as you install it a pop-up comes up saying there is a newer version do you want to update. As soon as you update it turns into a trial version because the free version is for the last build of WinCatalog 2017. Any update from there is to WinCatalog 2018.

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    version d’essais installée valable pour 10 cd seulement, on est loin d’une version complète.

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    Thank you for the ifo [@Ken Driver]. This is something that should have been made known in the offer.

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    I agree, Dadams.

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    Folks, it’s only if you install this and update to 2018
    that you will be limited to 10 records
    so keep 2017 for full version

    Why don’t people look at the vendors’ homepages,
    in this case http://www.wincatalog.com

    This gives extensive information, among other about unicode support,
    how to give location of your physical CD’s and other things
    (room, bookcase, shelf, position of items) a.o.

    Remember to go to “more screenshots & features here”
    for a wealth of further ideas

    Tobiasson, Oslo, Norway

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    Jos Jack

    Well, it finally stopped whatever it was doing. I looked to see what it accomplished. There are 2 files in my One Drive with a w3cat (188Kb) and w3cat.scanlock (1Kb), but nothing shows up in them. It’s as if it did all this scanning for nothing. I must have missed something here, but it is not apparent what I did wrong. Maybe I should have read the instructions. LoL.

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    Jos Jack

    I DL’d the program. It is now working on a 1.5 TB hard drive with about 375GB of used space. It has been indexing for 47 minutes and it shows between 6.5 to 7 hours to go. It is definitely being thorough as it is scanning my zip files and listing every file in them. As I look at what it is doing, it seems to increase the time to finish the job. A while ago it should 6 hrs 45 minutes and now it shows 6 hrs 58 minutes. It is using about 20 to 20 % of my CPU. Since I won’t be using the computer for a little while, I’ll let finish the job.

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    Jos Jack

    The name Win Catalog 2017 implies that this is an old program being sold as updated, but I guess the fact that it is free mitigated that.

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    Phil K

    Wow this is a superb giveaway. After months of – sorry, – but utter rubbish, this IS worth downloading and installing.
    One problem. Their “special deal” for 2018 upgrade is NOT the price they say. Click the link and the “special upgrade” price just about DOUBLES

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    WINCATALOG 2017 est un logiciel très utile dans son domaine.

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    Looks Awesome thanks habibe!

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