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    Have something to say about Windows Boot Genius? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Windows Boot Genius, post it here! If you know of issues with Windows Boot Genius, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Николай Стоянов

    – Благодаря,много полезен софтуер.Ще го използвам за клониране на дисковете си :) (Y)

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    Peter Blaise

    BOOT Genius, not TROUBLESHOOTING genius.

    And it has NO “genius”, it depends on YOU to decide what to do, it does NOT analyze a non-booting drive and report on and fix what’s wrong.

    However, this appears to be a useful tool nonetheless if you have a computer that does not boot anymore and want to fix it yourself without simply reinstalling the operating system from external media or from the hidden section of the drive by using hot-keys during boot to select “reset to factory defaults” equivalent, if available.

    This presumes you have 2 computers, one to build the booting-tool, and the computer that does not boot.

    The computer that builds the booting-tool could be the same computer, just remember to build the booting-tool first, before the computer fails and refuses to boot!

    I WISH:

    — I wish this tool would work from a working computer onto an attached second hard drive so I could fix booting issues “offline”, and while attached, also look at the drive with a variety of other tools, not just this one.

    — I wish this worked on UEFI Unified Extensible Firmware Interface drives for those folks I support who get a new UEFI computer, get stuck, and need my help before I have had a chance to rebuild their computer as “legacy”. Since this mentions MBR Master Boot Record, I presume that this does not work on modern, secure UEFI drives … one reason I reformat drives to be NOT UEFI, but “legacy” instead, since there are more tools to service legacy drives than there are tools to service UEFI drives.

    — I wish this tool were automatic, inspecting and reporting the failures it finds, and offering to back them up so that any attempted repairs can be reversed, and then offering to “fix” the problems, rather than expecting us to diagnose what’s wrong and then blindly whacking our drive with “fixes” such as rebuilding sectors and clusters and replacing supposedly missing exe and dll files and whatever ( the files might be there, just hidden or unpermissioned ), when those may not have been the problem, and those may have been custom implementations by Dell or whomever and were working but just did not a match this repair-tool’s expectations — if our drive had problem ( a ) and we whack it with solution ( b ), will we make our unbootable drive irretrievably worse?

    So, thanks for letting us test this, I’ll let you know if it’s useful on a current challenge: a Windows 10 computer ( “legacy” boot ) that boots but has no fonts, no information under icons, no information in menus, but the fonts directory is there, so I presume it’s a permission problem in the directory structure or in the registry … maybe this is not the tool to help resolve that since this computer does boot … but a more naive user might try this tool anyway, and so, so will I.

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    Clement Gosselin

    Thank you very much for that very usefull application.

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    I downloaded Boot Genius from sharewareonsale in one of there give-a-ways and attempted to install it. I got the error message “cannot open file *systemp\*.png, the file is being used by another process” and it will not install.

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    [ @Peter Blaise] Thanks, Peter, for another insightful review. Tools like this definitely need a lot of experience, and it’s best to back up the drive before doing anything to it. Your comments about lack of UEFI compatability saved me a lot of trouble, that rules this out for me.

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    O. J. Pratt

    Thanks very much for this really helpful program from Tenorshare and offered by SharewareOnSale today. This seems to be a very helpful program for some of us that do not know how to fix some of the problems that this Software can fix very effortlessly.

    Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Mohamed Nabil Belal

    Waste of time file corrupted download 2 time on windows 10 and not work

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    Très bon logiciel pour dépanner un PC qui ne veut pas demarrer, il est utile.

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    [ @Clement Gosselin] Also a thanks for comments UEFI especially. Best is still doing a full backup weekly or after any major install. Macrium Reflect still my free fave choice.
    Thanks for the offer though SOS.

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    This is a very useful app. But it needs to be continue to develop. I agree with Mr. Peter Blaise.
    Hope to see new version of this App soon,
    Great job has been done!

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    Németh P

    Nagyon köszönöm a nagyon hasznos alkalmazást.

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    The flash drive is enrolled, but not booted

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    Yes, it does create a boot disk, which I hope I never have to use. But the program contains nothing beyond that single function. The is nothing about the other functions shown on the author’s website or SOS’s for that matter. I realize that this is a ‘give-away’ and one should not complain (think gifts and horses teeth) but I don’t think that SOS should list functions which are not part of the give-away program.

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    (Tried to rate this @ 2 stars: “Cannot connect to the Server” error.)
    Long on promise, short on delivery. I’ve tried this on various boot-failure problems (older hardware, Win 7 — which is supposedly more in this program’s wheelhouse) but with no conspicuous success to date. I’m afraid your House reviewers with their standard high praise continue to have a low level of credibility. Nevertheless, I’ve kept this program in the toolbox, due to the promise of the idea, in the faint hope it might one day surprise me. But, you know, in most cases I think I’d rather take my chances — in a full manual approach — with a Hiren’s or a Strelec Win-PE disc, and whatever I’ve managed to learn over the years.

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