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    Have something to say about Windscribe VPN? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Windscribe VPN, post it here! If you know of issues with Windscribe VPN, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Thanks AShraf and Merry Xmas.
    Best regards

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    John A.

    I would like to here from the Users of this App. What are the typical uses and the unusable USES,
    with this VPN Windscribe. Thanks in advance.

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    John A.

    I would like to here from the Users of this App. What are the typical uses/applications and the unusable USES/APPLICATIONS,
    with this VPN Windscribe. Thanks in advance.

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    I’ve tried a SEVERAL discount VPNs this past year and this is the ONLY one that impressed me. Easy and fast, professional and seems to do the job.

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    – bill

    Is this really a free LIFETIME license as the sidebar indicates?

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    Ricky Mack

    Windscribe VPN gives away 1yr, not lifetime. Lifetime can be bought at a very good price. Their usual offer is 2gb p/month which increases to 10gb p/mo by giving them your email. Yes, that’s right, 2gb service without even giving up email. This 50gb p/month is a very generous offer for free. Steganos often gives away free 1 yr keys of OkayFreedomVPN and it’s Unlimited p/month. OkFreedom has maybe half the amount of servers than WindscribeVPN. WindscribeVpn PRO version works on Linux/Ubuntu but OpenVPN must be installed first.

    Windscribe has 3 Port Modes: Haven’t seen this feature on many FREE GIVEAWAY VPNs…
    Default – UDP protocol on port 443 (also maybe port 53). NO NEED to change this in 90% of cases.
    Backup – TCP protocol on port 1194.
    Stealth – TCP protocol via Stunnel on port 8443. Only use this if all other methods fail. May be handy in China.

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    [@– bill] [@Ricky Mack] Indeed, it is a lifetime license. I’ve confirmed this with the owner of Windscribe directly.

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    Unfortunately, it does not work – you can not connect (tested in several countries). After installing Internet strongly slowed down :(

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    I’ve just registered myself too, I only know other free vpn services such tunnelbear and older ones like foxyproxy though those are more a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and I think those were discontinued. Anyways, I’ve read good things about Windscribe service and getting 50GB and “limited” (9 according to an user above) well it’s pretty much anything I could want and use now, plus there’s also a paid version in case I need more. I’ll try it for a while, surely deserves these high ratings and good words!. Thanks and Happy Holidays :)

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    Mathew Doble

    This isn’t right at all. Your all stating it is 50gb of usage, yet when I go to signup with it, it’s offering me only 10gb. I am based in Australia. Could this be the reason??

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    Pls Help
    “This app can’t run on your PC.”

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    Wow lifetime LIFETIME thank you so very much, best deal since this site started 50GB a month even I have no complaints. MERRY CHRISTMAS to us.

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    Installed great, ran great, works great.

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    A bit tricky getting through the registration process. Tried to follow the SOS directions, but the screens were different. It looked as though the only option was going to be the free lower GB option, which I ultimately did choose; however when I got the the account screen I indeed had the full 50 gb. Be sure to paste in the code when you register.

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