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    Have something to say about Windscribe VPN lifetime subscription? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Windscribe VPN lifetime subscription, post it here! If you know of issues with Windscribe VPN lifetime subscription, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Mike S.

    And so, is this for a regular or a Pro subscription? The reason: Pro has unlimited data. I didn’t see any info. as to a data limitation, or not, at the offer page for this offer.

    Do note a “complication” for the lifetime offer: you need to submit a request at the end of 10 years, for another 10 years of coverage.

    For whatever it’s worth, I’m currently (only recently) on a free 1-year offer for Windscribe, and I’ve been impressed by it (ease of installation, ease of use and behavior, and data speed) from limited use.

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    John M

    I too have just started using Windscribe and am very impressed so far. I have the same question. Is the offer life time pro or basic and how many GB is included. The offer is vague

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    Calvo A

    I have the same question about data allowance: unlimited or not?
    I Have also been using WindScribe recently and find it good so far (but haven’t done significant speed testing yet).

    This offer has been out for about 14 hours now and 5 days remaining apparently.
    License states:
    Length of access: lifetime
    Updates included
    Unlimited devices

    Would be good to get a clarification on the subject.

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    Mike S.

    After I posted here yesterday, I placed an inquiry with StackSocial via its “Contact us with Questions” link. Received a nice email (yesterday morning) that they would get back to me, but no word since. Asked again–will update here if/when I hear anything.

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    Mike S.

    Not hearing back from StackSocial with the offer “details” after more than a day (shameful–Ashraf, you should be aware of this), I took a leap of faith and wrote directly to Windscribe Support, and within minutes received an email back from its Founder, Yegor Sak (per the email). The info.: “Hi, Yes its for the Pro subscription that is unlimited and has access to all servers.”

    Wow–pretty dang good.

    Does anyone know, does Windscribe allow and play well with torrents? Thanks–

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    Mike S.

    And with some experimenting, it does not look like Windscribe interferes with tormenting, either with downloading or with uploading. If a torrent is uploading or downloading when Windscribe is started or stopped, the loading stops momentarily and then begins up again, seemingly as connections are re-made.

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    Calvo A

    Thanks Mike, appreciate you finding out for the rest of us.

    I am very tempted, but I still wonder why it’s not clear enough in the description, especially when there is another Windscribe offer on SoS, for VPN Pro unlimited, 3-year, $69.

    Compared to their regular pricing that is already a good deal and if you click on the link offer it takes you to a special page on the Windscribe site has that promotion for you to take.

    This other one we are asking about is different and goes through the SoS checkout process and it would be good if it said that you are also getting the PRO version as you have asked (and they have responded) without any changes or limitations.

    It would be great if Ashraf could get some unequivocal confirmation and edit the offer description/specs to show this.

    I am very tempted as I said, but it does seem a case of too good to be true for a PRO connection without any limitations of any sort for so long.

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