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    sylvie laflamme

    I’ve exactly the same screen than you.

    The key don’t work for me too.


    Is it possible to have a good one please?

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    sylvie laflamme

    [@sylvie laflamme] sorry, it was same as Ashraf Ashraf

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    @everyone: This is very odd. I’ve asked the developer to look at what is going on, the key works just fine for me.

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    @everyone having registration troubles: did you download from us or from WinExt’s website?

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    A word to the wise…! WARNING, WARNING…! This TriSun company makes LOW quality and useless programs, I have personally gotten into an argument with the support guys about how bad their products are and we ended up on a language discussion to define who spoke better English…! tell me, is that professional???

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    sylvie laflamme
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    junk, key is not working – TFSP-DPDZ-SGZD-TWWZ

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    I tried to install with the provided key, but it would not register.
    I then uninstall the software, did a reboot, suspended firewall and antivirus protection,
    and I did install the software again. I was then, able to use provided key, and enter my name, in display name,
    now the software is working fully.

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    Actually, it may not be related with antivirus/firewall at all.
    My display language was set to french prior to installation.
    Licence key was/is denied when set in french, but is accepted when
    display language is set to English, and is denied when set to any other language.

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    B Z

    My impression is that peoples firewall doesn’t allow outgoing connection when the program tries to connect to verify the key.
    We know that Windows firewall blocks incoming connections and allows most (if not all) outgoing connections that some program in our computers initiates.
    However most other firewalls restrict outgoing connections (almost totally) unless the user adds a specific rule that allow some of them.

    In my case registration went smooth with the first try:

    About dialog

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    B Z

    I was typing my post above at the same time that coolfdu1 was posting his last one. He might be correct.

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    TriSun Software Limited

    Dear users,


    You can use a new key:

    And we have asked SOS to update their page and forum.


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    harewareOnSale exclusive license key:
    TFSP-DPDZ-SGZD-TWWZ for WinExt Pro, Does not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    @ TriSun Software Limited
    key works.

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    TriSun Software Limited


    Here is a request from TriSun Software:

    Would you please help us do a test (for the first “invalid” key on a few PCs, if the first key is not working for you, you are able to do below test).

    Download the following file and extract all to a place, then run “test.exe”, click “Test” button.

    If you get a message, print the screen and send to us support@TriSunSoft.com

    Thank you very much!

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