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    can’not close error message

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    Jerry Brown

    Yep, it crashed! I would think that with all the bad reviews you would have pulled this program by now. Unless you are running win98-win2000.

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    Doesn’t install correctly. .ocx errors and then missing dlls. Maybe not compatible with Win 10 64 bit.

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    The program finishes installing and then immediately starts installation of “Resume Maker”?

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    Hi Ashraf!

    I’m sorry that my notes are usually looking for help when I’m in trouble, but today is no different. :)

    I’m running Windows 10 Pro and I received the error message just after starting up for the first time.
    WINner Tweak 3
    Component ‘tssTaskPane1a.ocx’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid in WINnerTweakPRO.frmSplash.Form_Activate at line 116

    I did notice that the ad (in the Small Print section) says the program should be 4MB, but on download, mine said 2MB and in Explorer, it says 2.8MB. It does seem as if some things are missing. Any suggestions?

    Thank you for your feedback and assistance. I hate to bother you; I know you are busy. But I have nowhere else to turn being that there is no free tech support.


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    Alvin Johnson

    I recently download and installed WINner Tweak 3 from your website. When I entered the code it said it was invalid. Can you send me a new code or is the sale over?

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    Bob F

    Don’t bother doesn’t work with Windows `10 which is beyond dumb. Go to their website & they don’t even show this program – really? And it crashes all the time. Uninstalled.

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    This Software is only for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. So it will not works on PCs with Windows 8 and Windows 10.

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    Dallas Wu

    Three things:

    1) This is version 3.9.5 which was last updated in 2009
    2) Since Win 10 was released 6 years later, it is not supported
    3) Their website http://www.winnertweak.com redirects you to https://smartuninstall.com/

    There is no mention of this program at that url.

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    Toralf Risvik

    Maybe they got aware of it, so they offered a uninstallation software to remove it :p

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    Alvin Johnson

    I’ve tried this software on Win 7 & 10. Had same result with both. Error message appeared when I opened it then crashed when I tried to use any component.

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    There seems to be an issue with missing “ocx” files when I run the program it says it cannot register or find them. on checking the folder they are not present. I run windows 10 pro 64 and have disabled Anti-Virus while installing the program just in case there is a conflict or false positive. Please could you advise as I am at a loss.

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    Thanks you

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