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    @everyone: This is supposed to work on both 32-bit and 64-bit machines. Very odd. I’ve let the developer know and am awaiting their response. Unfortunately, it is the weekend so we may not have a fix soon.

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    Fails to install – “Cannot access 64 bit registry keys on this version of windows” . I am running Win7 32-bit

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    jorg jorgosz

    It’s only for 64 bites!

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    Thanks, Ashraf! It seems to have installed satisfactorily, but it comes up with the following statement in bold orange letters: “Only partial real-time protection is enabled; it is recommended that all open!” How exactly is one supposed to enable full real-time protection?

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    This software is fairly new and from reading the forums on their site, it appears they still have some bugs to work out. Thank for the offer but I will not put this on my system just yet so I will pass on it for now.

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    It is awesome! I am loving it!

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    “Internal error: Cannot access 64-bit registry keys on this version of windows”. My wersion is 32-bit of course. The instalator package includes only 64-bit. Please help me!

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    @everyone: Developer has fixed the issue with 32-bit computers. Please download it again from us if you had an issue previously.

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    Pour ce beau et bon travail que vous faite pour nous,ainsi les expliquations bien donnée

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    Kathryn C Vanderwiel

    [@Ashraf] this tells you there are updates. and takes you to the store page there are no updates….. also engine never starts

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    robert kern

    First off i just want to thank Shareware on sale web site for the great software offers for people who are on a budget or just like to make good use of computer trial software offers and all so the tech junkies who love mastering their system power. Me i just a poor guy with a 24 year old computer barely running windows home xp with sp3 and my computer skills are very very low . So i do need a anti virus software for my firewall crys out for it. Thank You R,kern

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