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    Warren Russell

    CJ Cotter and mygcar:

    Sorry I didn’t see your posts before I added mine; it appears to be quite tricky navigating through the messages in this software.

    Please see my post on page 4 (don’t know if this will be on 4 or 5). You are both having problems with Word 2013; I have the same issue with Word 2016 on Windows 10.

    The company has responded to all the registration complaints, but not to this problem. Epubor, are you there?

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    Thanks for this Present, but sorry the Key for WordMate dont work? … I hopp (@iris;-)…you send us the right Key …Thanks :-)

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    Terry Pigeon

    I managed to get a download but it wouldn’t register properly. However because it integrates with Microsoft Word that’s where I had big problems. I use Office 2016 and it doesn’t work well with that. In fact in order to get Office to work I had to restore my computer. At least that got rid of that program which, while it sounds really good is too nasty for me.

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    I rated one star … beacause 0 star does not exist!
    At the beginning of the offer few days ago: registration problem, we will come back soon … and today: sale has ended! Not serious at all :-((((((

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    Why the sale has ended?..So we could not get it because of a lack of registration program.

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    @Everyone: We had to end the sale because the developer never fixed the license key. Sorry!

Viewing 6 posts - 61 through 66 (of 66 total)
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