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    Peter Blaise

    The website http://www.mysecuritywin.com/ seems to offer better software free, what’s up?

    What do the funny symbols in the upper right hand corner mean, the look like a folder and a box.

    And what are the [ 0 ] and [ r ] and [ a ] symbols for — there is no help, what do they mean?

    How do I clean ONLY temp files and LEAVE my histories — there seems no way to check line items, so we are stuck with either deleting the entire found list, or leaving the entire found list?

    The program does not tell the system mouse to show it’s working, so I click on things with no response … then later, something pops up, apparently it had been working without any indication?

    The [ Service Manager ] seems to offer only [ Stop ] and [ Start ] — is that permanent or is this more of a temporary [ Process Explorer ]?

    The [ Tools ] names don’t fit in their boxes, I see only [ The Passguarc ] not [ The Passguard ] … whatever “The Passguard” is.

    Very confusing — the web site seems to offer

    — XVirus, complete suite, free, lots of features and automation,

    — XVirus Firewall, incomplete suite, not free,

    — and XVirus Cleaner, incomplete suite, not free. <<== today’s offer.

    What am I not understanding about this?

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    Peter Blaise

    Ooops, XVirus just tanked off screen while doing a scan.


    Not Ready For Prime Time Yet?

    Are we beta testers under the guise of a product supposedly fit for sale?

    PS — My system shouldn’t matter, the software should be smart, self testing, self healing, and know it’s environment well before it installs.

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    Dani Santos

    [ @Peter Blaise]


    The letters you are seeing may be a bug with your system, You should check if your system has the “webding” font available, which replaces the letters with the correct image.

    You have to go to the program settings to select what you want to scan and clean.

    Most of the time it works instantly, but it make take some time to response.

    The service manager stops the service permantly until you start it again.

    Best regards!

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