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    Have something to say about Zoom Player MAX 10? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Zoom Player MAX 10, post it here! If you know of issues with Zoom Player MAX 10, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Yes, it’s a good giveaway but …
    As I have already said about other programs, but it is even more true for this one, why should I spend time to install and do all the settings, then work out the details … and then losing all that work just because I have to reinstall my operating system? It’s really a pity.

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    Thanks, had ZP MAX 9.5 from prior giveaway. Works solid Windows 10 x64 Pro.
    Just used default settings. Hasn’t failed me yet for basic online videos.
    Thanks for the pro/con reviews, most helpful.

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    What’s the difference between the previous Giveaway “Zoom Player PRO Giveaway Version 11” and this offer?


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    [@Robert] Scroll down to see the differences: http://www.inmatrix.com/zplayer/.

    “PRO Giveaway” versions are not available for purchase, and are only ‘given away’ by sites such as GotD (as was just done on January 9).

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    Nice . I’m wait long time

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    its cool

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    Good app

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    Eddie Scheer

    I am confused. Earlier this year, I downloaded Zoom Player Pro 11.1, which works really well on my computer. What is the difference between the Pro 11.1 and the Max 10? and the paid version of Max 11?

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    Brian M

    I have ZP Pro 11.1 giveaway and this Max 10 giveaway on two different computers. I compared them and they seem to be pretty much the same. The chart that Suze linked above doesn’t answer Robert’s question because this “giveaway” is not listed. I like Zoom Player but I do find the differences in versions confusing. Perhaps if I was a power user I might see the differences right away.

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    Full version or Giveaway version?

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    Folks, this is the FULL version. The “Pro” version given out by GOTD the other day is the “giveaway” version.

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    Nice! Thank you!

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    MAX = Full (all features)
    PRO = Giveaway (fewer features than MAX)
    FREE = Free (fewer features than PRO)

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    Thanks for this version.Without uninstalling I could update the previous one,9.5 that is,obtained as a giveaway from this same site some months ago. Very customizable for tech savvy user,this program can be used also by less or not at all experts to transform any pc in a veritable media center.A not to miss download, once more, from SonS.Works perfectly on Win 7/8/10.

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