If you are a video game developer or work for a company that develops video games and you want to advertise your game(s) to tens of thousands of people, then you have come to the right place; we will advertise your game(s) for free.


Why would you want to promote your game on SharewareOnSale? The reason is simple: absolutely free marketing. We reach over 540,000 people every day across our network and we will blast your game to every single person. By promoting on SharewareOnSale, you advertise your products to tens of thousands of people — with absolutely zero cost to you!

The best part? Our reach goes beyond us and our members — other websites often pick up the promotions we run, ensuring your game is put in front of even more eyeballs.

On top of that, a gamer is more likely to purchase in-game content, DLCs, and other games from a developer whose game they have played. In other words, we get you immediate marketing benefits plus create new revenue sources for you by growing your gamer base.


We are a free marketing platform with the goal of increasing awareness about you and your games by getting as many people as possible to play your games. We generate buzz about your games and you — to get people to know about your games, without you having to dedicate a marketing budget to us.

To do this, we utilize a unique marketing approach. The idea is very simple yet very effective: let people play your games. By letting people play your games, we put into motion a chain of events that result in more sales for you:

  • When people start playing your games, they tell other people about your games (other people who are likely to buy your game)
  • Gamers are not shy of purchasing in-game content and DLCs
  • Someone who enjoys your game is more likely to purchase another one of your games

We accomplish all this by running a one week 100% discount sale (aka giveaway) of your game. You provide us with license keys, Steam codes, etc. and we give those out to gamers free of charge during the one week promotion period. As gamers play your game, you reap the benefits.


The game you promote with us can either be a full game that normally must be purchased or a DLC / in-game purchase of a free to play game. However, to participate in our promotion program, your game must meet the following requirement:

  • Your game must be playable in its current state. This means the game must not be in beta, alpha, etc. Early access gamers are acceptable as long as the game is playable in its current state and has enough content to keep a gamer satisfied even if you were to never issue patches or updates.
  • Your game must stand on its own. This means one of two things:

a) The game is a full game and can be played without required DLCs or in-game purchases (optional DLCs / in-game purchases are acceptable)


b) You are promoting a DLC / in-game purchase and the base game is free to play

What you can’t do is promote a DLC / in-game purchase that requires gamers to purchase a base game.

  • Your game must be playable on Windows. It can be on Steam, Origin, standalone, etc.
  • You must provide us with enough keys, Steam codes, etc. so that we don’t run out during the promotion period. (We will tell you how many we estimate we will need.) If we run out during the promotion period, you must provide us with more. We will give you back all unused keys, Steam codes, etc. after the promotion has ended.


To advertise with us, please send an email to [email protected] with the subject of “I want to advertise on SharewareOnSale” and a member of our staff will contact you as soon as possible.