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Why should you learn C#? It’s highly in demand for employers, and gives you a great programming foundation applicable to Java, Objective-C, PHP, and more. This is a powerful, flexible language that underlies everything from business enterprise apps to compilers, making it a no-brainer to learn and master.

  • Dive into C# programming w/ 2.5 hours of content
  • Familiarize yourself w/ boxing, unboxing, type conversion & operators
  • Build decision-making capabilities into your program
  • Use access specifiers to describe the scope of a class member
  • Organize & store related items of data w/ arrays & collections
  • Utilize exception handling, classes & APIs
  • Consolidate your knowledge w/ a final project

How’s this for a 2-for-1 deal? You’ll learn the basics of the C# language and master use of the Microsoft Visual Studio programming environment. Not only will you add a valuable technical skill set to your repertoire, but you’ll also easily navigate a platform to build and deploy your apps by course’s end.

  • Master C# basics & Microsoft Visual Studio w/ 17 hours of content
  • Configure the layout of Visual Studio, define variables, interact w/ users, etc.
  • Understand data types, data conversions & constants
  • Check simple conditions w/ if/else blocks
  • Utilize operators to evaluate & assign control structures
  • Fully master the principles of object-oriented programming

This comprehensive C# course focuses on the C# language rather than the graphical aspects of Windows programming, and gives you a view of C# through web programming with Web Forms. This means you will also learn HTML, basic CSS, and how to use a variety of controls like buttons, text boxes, drop downs lists, and more. By the end of this course, you’ll have a solid understanding of the most important aspects of C#, Visual Studio, and object oriented programming.

  • Learn C#, Visual Studio & object oriented programming w/ 148 lectures, 19 hours of content
  • Study the Microsoft Visual Studio programming environment
  • Start using C# to work w/ code & data
  • Apply the fundamentals of object oriented programming to data
  • Master the basics: create & run your first program, utilize variables, etc.
  • Control program flow by utilizing if/else constructs, while loops & more

Ready to dig deep into the C# language? This course is the ticket, outlining advanced features frequently used to build real-world apps. From managing anomalous conditions in program execution using exception handling, to increasing code reusability and performance with generics, you’ll master powerful techniques to really bump your C# skills up a notch.

  • Learn about advanced C# features w/ 17 hours of content
  • Walk through an array of topics: generics, delegates, lambda expressions, etc.
  • Utilize features to increase your code’s efficiency & performance
  • Learn from an experienced instructor w/ 13 years of industry experience
  • Effectively build upon your existing C# foundation
  • Add valuable technical skills to your development toolkit

C# is a beautiful cross-platform language that can be used to build a variety of applications. Once you master the fundamentals of C# and programming with .NET framework, you’ll have lots of amazing career options in front of you. Every section of this course comes with a few bite-sized video lectures and a quiz or programming exercise to train your “programming brain”.

  • Learn the fundamentals of C# & .NET Framework w/ 87 lectures, 5 hours of content
  • Work w/ primitive types & expressions
  • Work w/ non-primitive types (classes, structs, arrays and enums)
  • Learn the difference between value types & reference types
  • Control the flow of programs using conditional statements
  • Use arrays & lists
  • Work with files & directories
  • Work w/ text
  • Work w/ date & time
  • Debug C# applications effectively

Poorly written code is hard to understand, maintain, and test. But what separates poorly written code (aka code that smells) from beautiful code that talks? In this course, the expert instructor walks you through common code smells found in C# programs, and how to refactor them using ReSharper. Refactoring is changing the design of the existing code without changing its external behavior. This course is packed with techniques and is a must for any C# developer who wants to improve the quality of their code.

  • Write clean code that is more readable w/ 21 lectures & 3 hours of instruction
  • Spot the smells in your code
  • Refactor your code using safe & fast refactoring techniques w/ ReSharper
  • Break long methods into smaller, more maintainable ones
  • Simplify nested / complex conditional blocks
  • Design the proper signature for your methods
  • Remove duplicated code
  • Write C# code using the standard naming convention

Whether you want to use C# to build web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps or games, understanding C# classes, interfaces, and principles is crucial. This course combines theory and practice, including provided exercises at the end of each section, and the option to submit your code for review. The expert instructor provides a personalized review and tips to improve the quality of your code. You can’t get that sort of attention from a free YouTube tutorial.

  • Take your C# skills to the next level w/ 45 lectures & 6 hours of content
  • Work with classes, constructors, fields, properties, methods & indexers
  • Use encapsulation to reduce the impact of change
  • Improve the robustness of your code
  • Reuse code using inheritance & composition
  • Understand why composition is better than inheritance
  • Build extensible applications using polymorphism
  • Develop loosely-coupled, extensible & testable applications using interfaces

With 96 lectures included, this course is designed to cover all the essential concepts of C# and object oriented programming. You’ll learn to create functional and useful C# programs, as well as use other IDE’s (Integrated Development Environment) such as: Eclipse, Unreal Engine, Unity and more. After taking this class, you’ll be fully prepared to take on advanced topics, and even transition into other languages like Java or C++.

  • Learn to create C# applications w/ over 96 lectures & 8 hours of content
  • Apply the core concepts of object oriented programming
  • Analyze, design, implement & organize around objects
  • Apply code encapsulation for reusability & stability
  • Write custom classes, interfaces, loops & methods
  • Understand C# at a college-level
  • Start a new career as a developer
  • Understand syntax, logic & run-time errors
  • Write fluent pseudocode & flowcharts

Most courses teach you how to write code, but not how to write fast code that can scale to thousands of users. In a series of lectures, this course will cover many common performance bottlenecks that slow C# coding down. He will introduce common problems, and then demonstrate and compare each possible solution. This course will give you an excellent foundation to answer any performance-related questions that may be thrown at you.

  • Code faster & more efficiently w/ over 37 lectures & 4.5 hours of content
  • Learn to write fast C# code from a certified Microsoft trainer
  • Study memory management, intermediate code, array- and string optimizations & more
  • Learn which is faster: arrays, collections or generic lists
  • Choose between string & StringBuilder
  • Understand whether you should use pointers in C#
  • Dive into Common Intermediate Code (CIL), the language of the C# compiler
  • Get a deeper understanding of the .NET Framework

If you’re looking to pursue a career as a Senior Application Architect, it’s essential that you know all fundamental design patterns by heart. In this course, you’ll learn the first 12 design patterns: 5 creational and 7 structural. You’ll then use these patterns to create new objects efficiently, and build structure in your application architecture. By the end of the course, you’ll be fluent in all 12 design patterns, and well on your way to becoming a Senior Application Architect.

  • Learn fundamental C# skills w/ over 21 lectures & 4 hours of content
  • Learn 12 fundamental C# design patterns
  • Study factories, adapters, decorators, facades, singletons & much more
  • Study the intent & benefits of each design pattern
  • Use 12 included source code templates to copy & paste into your own apps
  • Understand the pros & cons of using singletons, facades, and composites
  • Follow along w/ real-world examples that use patterns to solve a business problem

In 1994, the “Gang of Four” published a book titled Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software, containing 23 fundamental software design patterns. It’s regarded as the standard reference manual for object-oriented design theory and practice–and is a must-know for future application architects. This course will teach you all 11 behavioral design patterns from scratch. With this knowledge, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Senior Application Architect.

  • Take you career to the next level w/ over 18 lectures & 3.5 hours of content
  • Learn 11 fundamental C# design patterns
  • Study visitors, observers, mediators, interpreters, commands & much more
  • Understand the intent & benefits of each design pattern
  • Receive 11 source code templates to copy & paste into your own apps
  • Understand the pros & cons of using observers, mediators, and the state pattern
  • Go through real-world examples that use patterns to solve actual business problems

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