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Just as painters are nothing without their palettes, so too are developers ineffective without an understanding of JavaScript. Add this must-know language to your repertoire, and learn to program web pages and apps that function precisely as you intend. You’ll build three real apps in the process, both solidifying your knowledge and bolstering your web portfolio.

  • Learn how to code in JavaScript w/ 10 hours of content
  • Master the basics of JavaScript syntax: arrays, variables, statements, etc.
  • Format UI elements: headers, input boxes, buttons & more
  • Configure the logic of your app to function the way you want
  • Utilize HTML & CSS to build your app from the ground up & make it dynamic
  • Build 3 apps to consolidate your knowledge
  • Master programming fundamentals transferrable to other projects

Want to take your JavaScript skills to the next level? With this 3-course training, you’ll master using the jQuery library and AngularJS framework to simplify and expedite the way you write code. Start by learning fundamentals such as how to craft basic JavaScript statements, and conclude your 7-hour training with the skills to build fully functional web pages and apps.

  • Course 1: Learn JavaScript for Beginners
    • Master essential JavaScript basics: syntax, strings, data types, etc.
    • Use various functions: scope, callback, return & anonymous
  • Course 2: jQuery Crash Course
    • Master the most popular JavaScript library in use today
    • Dive into the basics of jQuery syntax
    • Manipulate, traverse & filter the Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Course 3: Angular Crash Course for Beginners
    • Learn about data binding, controllers & app creation
    • Utilize CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) capabilities via scope binding
    • Use Angular in IDE projects

No need to program common backend processes from scratch, because EmberJS automates that for you. This handy JavaScript framework will turbocharge your app building process, freeing you to focus on the bigger challenges of client side scripting. In layman’s terms: you’ll be creating amazing apps more quickly and effectively than you ever thought possible.

  • Delve into the EmberJS framework w/ 6.5 hours of content
  • Learn how to develop dynamic user interfaces
  • Master basic EmberJS concepts: routing, models, views, etc.
  • Utilize EmberJS in conjunction w/ jQuery & other frameworks and libraries
  • Easily precompile your Ember code
  • Understand advanced topics: work w/ Node & MySQL, etc.

JavaScript has evolved greatly since it first burst onto the programming landscape in 1995. So, make sure you’re up to date with the latest standards and tools with which to effectively write your code. This course will familiarize you with the NodeJS framework, automate tasks, and more—making JavaScript development faster and more efficient than ever before.

  • Write modern, maintainable & organized JavaScript w/ 16.5 hours of content
  • Understand how to use the NodeJS framework
  • Utilize the Babel transpiler to ensure your code will run in any browser
  • Use the Gulp task runner to write code that performs automated tasks
  • Dive into Bower, a client-side package manager that expedites installation of 3rd party dependencies

jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library in use, as it dramatically simplifies the process of writing JavaScript. Common tasks that otherwise take lines of code to execute? With jQuery, you can simply write one line and be done with it. Whether you’re working with HTML or implementing animations, you’ll find your development process to be easier than ever.

  • Master JavaScript & jQuery essentials w/ 3 hours of content
  • Learn JavaScript basics: manipulate basic data types, utilize strings, etc.
  • Control flow using the “if” statement & loops, use the DOM, etc.
  • Use selectors to target specific HTML elements on a page
  • Write code that reacts to events, executes effects & animations, etc.
  • Manipulate the HTML content on a webpage
  • Seamlessly use AJAX to request data, handle errors, etc.

JavaScript is to HTML what Bonnie is to Clyde: one half of a dynamic duo that powers much of what you can see on the Web. Whether you’re seeking to implement widgets or validate form data, you’ll take your projects to the next level using JavaScript—and this course is the place to start.

  • Learn all you need to write JavaScript w/ 5.5 hours of content
  • Understand core features of programming: variables, functions & data types
  • Automate web pages, hide email addresses, swap stylesheets, etc.
  • Load XML data to create AJAX apps
  • Animate images & utilize drawing capabilities in HTML5
  • Utilize source code to access sample programs

It’s a given in today’s web development landscape: JavaScript is a must-know language for serious programmers. Bolster your skills with this essential web technology with just 12 hours of instruction. Before you know it, tech companies all over will be hitting up your inbox, begging you to work your JavaScript magic on their web pages and apps.

  • Completely understand JavaScript w/ over 12 hours of content
  • Master JavaScript basics: properly embed scripts, ensure they’re executed correctly, etc.
  • Understand how to use the Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Add interactive, animated elements to your site or app: image sliders, forms w/ pre-validation, galleries, etc.
  • Debug your code so it executes w/ no problem

Think of a program as a spreadsheet, and its variables as cells. If a cell changes, then anything referring to it does too. In a reactive programming system, the same happens with a variable and its associated content. This is where ReactiveJS comes in. A powerful framework predicated upon reactive programming, this program will simplify building complex UIs, crafting data visualizations, and more.

  • Master the ReactiveJS framework w/ over 5.5 hours of content
  • Understand the core concepts of the Reactive paradigm
  • Compare traditional vs. Reactive implementations of autocomplete
  • Create observables, utilize subjects, share observable sequences, etc.
  • Master use of useful operators: Do, Finally, StartWith, etc.
  • Easily create complex UIs, data visualizations & more

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