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Managing physical servers will be a thing of the past once you’re able to harness the power of serverless computing. If you’re already prepped with the basics of serverless computing, Serverless Programming Cookbook will help you take the next step ahead. This recipe-based guide provides solutions to problems you might face while building serverless applications. The book also introduces you to the latest technology trends such as Data Streams, Machine Learning, and NLP. You will also see patterns and practices for using various services in a real-world application.

  • Lifetime access to eBook w/ 490 pages
  • Build serverless applications with AWS Lambda, AWS CloudFormation and AWS CloudWatch
  • Perform data analytics and natural language processing(NLP)on the AWS serverless platform
  • Explore various design patterns and best practices involved in serverless computing

AWS certifications are becoming one of the must-have certifications for any IT professional working on an AWS Cloud platform. This book will act as your one-stop preparation guide to validate your technical expertise in deployment, management, and operations on the AWS platform. It will revolve around concepts like teaching you to deploy, manage, and operate scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant systems on AWS. Along with exam-specific content, this book will also deep dive into real-world scenarios and hands-on instructions.

  • Lifetime access to eBook w/ 584 pages
  • Create & manage users, groups, and permissions using AWS IAM services
  • Create a secure VPC w/ public & private subnets, Network Access Control, and security groups
  • Get started w/ launching your first EC2 instance, & working with it
  • Handle application traffic w/ ELB & monitor AWS resources with CloudWatch
  • Work with S3, Glacier, & CloudFront
  • Work across distributed application components using SWF
  • Understand event-based processing w/ Lambda & messaging SQS and SNS in AWS
  • Get familiar w/ AWS deployment concepts & tools including Elastic Beanstalk, CloudFormation and AWS OpsWorks

AWS is constantly driving new innovations that empower data scientists to explore a variety of machine learning (ML) cloud services. This book is your comprehensive reference for learning and implementing advanced ML algorithms in the AWS cloud. As you go through the chapters, you’ll gain insights into how these algorithms can be trained, tuned, and deployed in AWS using Apache Spark on Elastic Map Reduce (EMR), SageMaker, and TensorFlow. While you focus on algorithms such as XGBoost, linear models, factorization machines, and deep nets, the book will also provide you with an overview of AWS as well as detailed practical applications that will help you solve real-world problems.

  • Lifetime access to eBook w/ 306 pages
  • Manage AI workflows by using AWS cloud to deploy services that feed smart data products
  • Use SageMaker services to create recommendation models
  • Scale model training & deployment using Apache Spark on EMR
  • Understand how to cluster big data through EMR & seamlessly integrate it with SageMaker
  • Build deep learning models on AWS using TensorFlow & deploy them as services
  • Enhance your apps by combining Apache Spark & Amazon SageMaker

Automated Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) is a critical part of DevOps and is a skill that is in high demand. This course will examine the subject in complete depth by walking through an example project and building a complex CI/CD pipeline on AWS. After taking this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of continuous integration and continuous deployment processes, you will be able to confidently design a CI/CD pipeline for your own web applications, and you will gain an in-depth understanding of AWS CodePipeline and AWS Elastic Beanstalk services.

  • Access 13 lectures & 4.3 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn to conceptualize & design CI/CD pipelines for your own web applications
  • Deploy & scale web applications on Amazon’s Cloud infrastructure using AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Build pipelines on Amazon’s Cloud infrastructure using AWS CodePipeline
  • Learn advance topics such as Elastic Beanstalk Extensions & AWS Lambda to run custom actions in your CodePipeline
  • Monitor your automated CI/CD pipelines

AWS Certified Developer – Associate Guide starts with a quick introduction to AWS and the prerequisites to get you started. Then, this book will describe getting familiar with Identity and Access Management (IAM) along with Virtual private cloud (VPC). Next, this book will teach you about microservices, serverless architecture, security best practices, advanced deployment methods, and more. Going ahead we will take you through AWS DynamoDB A NoSQL Database Service, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), and CloudFormation Overview. Lastly, this book will help understand Elastic Beanstalk and will also walk you through AWS lambda.

  • Lifetime access to eBook w/ 812 pages
  • Clear the AWS Certified Developer – Associate (DVA-C01) exam w/ confidence
  • Gain valuable insights to design, develop, & deploy cloud-based solutions using AWS
  • Develop expert core AWS skills w/ practice questions & mock tests

Whether you’re just getting your feet wet in cloud infrastructure or already creating complex systems, this book will guide you through using the patterns to fit your system needs. Starting with patterns that cover basic processes such as source control and infrastructure-as-code, the book goes on to introduce cloud security practices. You’ll then cover patterns of availability and scalability, and then explore advanced DevOps patterns in operations and maintenance, before focusing on virtualization patterns such as containerization and serverless computing. In the final leg of your journey, this book will delve into data persistence and visualization patterns.

  • Lifetime access to eBook w/ 274 pages
  • Build highly robust systems using the cloud infrastructure
  • Make web applications resilient against scheduled & accidental downtime
  • Explore & apply Amazon-provided services in unique ways to solve common design problems

Cloud services are vulnerable to network and other outages. When your applications are not performing as they should, no one is happy. However, applications can be designed to be resilient and responsive under demand while hosted in the cloud with Cloud-hosted applications at AWS. In this course, you’ll learn how to prepare for potentially devastating interruptions by building your own resilient and reliable applications in the public cloud. You will be able to achieve application resiliency, autoscaling, and failover with your applications hosted in the Amazon cloud.

  • Access 5 lectures & 1.7 hours of content 24/7
  • Deploy EC2 Autoscaling for web server instances
  • Build & maintain EC2 images
  • Design Application Load Balancing Services that scale across availability zones.
  • Design Cloud Watch alarms to automate the autoscaling of web servers to match demand
  • Monitor applications & design CloudWatch metrics and alarms for autoscaling
  • Develop plans to use AWS Auto Scaling to manage EC2 instances, Dynamo DB, & Aurora

AWS Lambda and the serverless framework is the best way to get started in the serverless world, to deploy AWS Lambda functions in Amazon Web Services that infinitely scale without managing any servers! This course covers all the required installations, the AWS Lambda core concepts, YAML, the serverless frameworks, and all the required things you wanted to know so that you should be confident enough to develop and deploy your own Lambda functions in a serverless framework. This course also covers details of real-world examples such as S3 Thumbnails, REST API, and AWS Automation with EC2 Start and Stop.

  • Access 7 lectures & 2.4 hours of content 24/7
  • Develop & deploy AWS Lambda functions easily w/ a serverless framework
  • Gain all the required hands-on experience through real-world examples
  • Understand the architecture of serverless frameworks, & how serverless backends are built and deployed
  • Understand how AWS Lambda works, how AWS Lambda is used with real-world examples, & how they interact w/ S3 and/or CloudWatch
  • Build a basic REST API using AWS Lambda, the API Gateway, & DynamoDB

Amazon Web Services continues its domination as the leading cloud service provider on the market. Since serverless applications are gaining a lot of traction, it is extremely important to understand the serverless architecture, to help you build, manage, and secure serverless applications. This course starts with an introduction to serverless architectures and then you’ll delve into design considerations, followed by building a serverless application and deploying it on your serverless architecture. This video covers practical examples of deploying and orchestrating a serverless application using DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, and API Gateway.

  • Access 4 lectures & 2.2 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand the serverless concept, its benefits & challenges
  • Design & build an application based on AWS serverless services
  • Discover AWS serverless services & their various roles
  • Explore the AWS Lambda function in depth
  • Understand interconnections between the AWS serverless & microservice concepts
  • Monitor & trace serverless applications

AWS CloudFormation is the best way to write, deploy, and maintain your AWS infrastructure. It helps you create efficient solution architectures, all self-contained in one file. It supports most of the AWS services and is the safest way to make your AWS infrastructure evolve over time. Thanks to YAML, writing AWS CloudFormation templates has become extremely easy and natural. This course assumes you know how to use the AWS Cloud. It will help you transform your solution architecting skills into CloudFormation templates.

  • Access 10 lectures & 3 hours of content 24/7
  • Master all CloudFormation concepts
  • Practice learnings w/ hands-on examples
  • Learn how to use YAML to write the CloudFormation templates
  • Write your infrastructure as code
  • Launch several templates
  • Complete a walkthrough of CloudFormation Init Metadata

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