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Comprehensive collection of electronics calculators, tools and reference tables.

Ultimate Calculator Pro is a utility application consisting of over 120 calculators, conversions, reference tables, pin outs and basic pocket calculator.


DC Circuits:
• Ohm`s Law
• Voltage divider - resistive
• LED resistor
• RL transient circuits
• RC transient circuits
• Wheatstone bridge

AC Circuits:
• Reactance
• Impedance
• Star Delta Transformation
• AC Power

Power Supply:
• Transformer ratios
• Rectifiers
• Capacitor filter
• Transformer efficiency
• Voltage regulator - LM317
• Voltage regulator - zener diode

• Slew Rate
• Gain | Ratio
• Non Inverting Amplifier
• Inverting Amplifier
• Differential Amplifier
• Inverting Summing Amplifier

• RC filter – passive
• LC filter – passive
• RL filter – passive

• Series Circuits
• Parallel Circuits
• Capacitors
• Inductors
• Diodes
• 555 Timer
• Air Core Inductors

• Resistor – color codes
• Inductor – color codes
• Capacitor – printed
• Fuse, glass – color codes
• Diodes
• 7-Segment display

• Coulomb`s Law
• Magnetism
• Joules Law – heating

• Area (rectangle, triangle, circle, trapezoid, ellipse, square, parallelogram, sector)
• Surface area (cylinder, sphere, cube, cone)
• Volume (rectangle, cylinder, sphere)

• Electromagnetic wave (wavelength, frequency, period)
• Propagation delay (distance vs. time)
• Resonance (frequency, inductance, capacitance)
• Radiated power (vs. VSWR)
• Air core inductors (inductance, turns)

RF Link:
• Free space path loss (loss, distance)
• Link budget (RSSI, fade margin)
• Fresnel zone (1st, max, 60%, Er)

RF Base Station:
• Transmission line (Tx, Att, Pout)
• EIRP ERP (effective radiated power)
• Antenna down-tilt – angle (angle, distance)
• Antenna down-tilt – coverage (inner & outer radius)

• Power density (W/m²)
• Maximum range (distance)

• Attenuators (Pi, Tee)
• VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio)
• Reflection coefficient (Rho)
• Return loss (dB)
• Mismatch loss (dB)

• Area
• Angle
• Temperature
• Power
• Power(RF) (dBm, Watt, dBW)
• Voltage(RF) (V, dBV, dBµV)
• Current (dBµA, dBA, A, µA)
• Terminated (dBm, dBµV, dBµA, V)
• Field strength (dBµV/m, V/m, dBmW/m², dBµA/m, W/m², dBpT)
• Distance (cm, m, in., yd, km, mi.)
• Number base

• SI unit prefixes
• Logic gates
• 74xx ic
• Abbreviations
• Schematic symbols
• Ingress protection
• Decibel suffixes
• RF Spectrum
• Amateur band plan – IARU region 1
• Amateur Q codes
• Phonetic alphabet (NATO)
• IT Acronyms
• Units of measure

Pin out:
• Audio/video
o RCA connector
o Jack - TS
o Jack - TRS
o Jack - TRRS
o DVI mini
o DVI types

• Computer
o USB - type A and B
o USB - mini and micro
o Serial - DE9
o Serial - DB25
o PS2
o AT keyboard

• Gaming
o Game/MIDI port

• Display
o 7 segment
o LCD 16 x 2
o LCD 16 x 4

• Microcontroller
o Atmega 8 - DIP
o Atmega 8 - MLF
o Atmega 8 - TQFP
o Atmega 328 - DIP
o Atmega 328 - TQFP
o Atmega 328 - MLF
o Atmega 2560
o Atmega 8u2 - QFN
o Atmega 8u2 - TQFP
o Atmega 16u2 - QFN
o Atmega 16u2 - TQFP
o Atmega 32u2 - QFN
o Atmega 32u2 - TQFP

• Miscellaneous

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