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Why is it beneficial to learn SQL, SQL Server, and Visual Studio? To build applications today, a programmer must know how to combine the power of various technologies to produce next level software. The focus of this course is SQL, but along the way, you’ll also learn to use Microsoft Visual Studio and build a real dashboard system powered by SQL, C#, AJAX, CSS, HTML, and jQuery. Enroll today, and learn how to give yourself a great competitive advantage in the job market.

  • Learn essential technologies w/ 86 lectures & 14 hours of instruction
  • Learn to write queries w/ Microsoft Management Studio & Microsoft Visual Studio Query Editor
  • Create database-connected web pages using SQL & XML Data Sources
  • Get color PDF’s for many of the lessons for easy reference
  • Learn the basics of database connecting code using C#
  • Get exposure to modern language features like Lag/Lead
  • Build a dashboard system w/ SQL Server, ASP Web Forms, C# & jQuery

Have you started learning about SQL databases, only to get stuck trying to teach yourself? In this thorough and easy-to-follow course, LearnToProgram’s database expert Martin Holzke shows you how to achieve success. From the very first lesson, you’ll learn how to correctly structure your database, how to author efficient SQL statements and clauses, and how to manage your SQL database for scalable growth.

  • Learn SQL from scratch w/ over 55 lectures & 6.5 hours of content
  • View the the ins & outs of database management
  • Become a better web, game or mobile app developer
  • Understand databases & start creating tables
  • Understand database relationships
  • Begin writing queries to extract data
  • Use common query tools
  • Work with the Select Statement & the WHERE clause
  • Limit, format & source output

Start learning SQL with practical examples, and you’ll be working with tons of popular database systems like MySQL and PostgreSQL in no time. This course will teach you how exactly SQL works so you can start to master effective database design overall. These SQL skills have the power to open immense career opportunities from working as a database administrator in IT to working from home as a freelancer.

  • Learn database installation & SQL fundamentals
  • Study Data Manipulation Language Clauses, Various Conditions and Operators, Data Filtering & more
  • Understand SQL Data Types in more detail
  • Study the MySQL Workbench, a unified visual tool for database development
  • Study SQL Joins, SQL functions & SQL data types
  • Understand database relationships & normalization
  • master database export & import

Most businesses use Excel as a basic tool for decision making and modeling, but what happens when you have too much data to use an Excel spreadsheet? It’s time to move to a database. This course will help you make the move without being intimidated by the new environment. You’ll dive deep into seemingly complex topics like joins, aggregate operators, and interfacing with databases.

  • Study SQL in depth w/ 67 lectures & 14 hours of content
  • Learn queries in detail & steer clear of career-limiting mistakes
  • Get help from quirky learning tools: repetition, zooming out to remember the big picture, quizzes, a peppy soundtrack & art
  • Study database fundamentals & “just enough” theory
  • Explore large datasets & uncover insights
  • Model & create a database for day-to-day use
  • Interface with databases from a programming language such as Python
  • Load data & use both GUI and a command line interface for database operations

Follow along as you learn how to install MySQL for the first time, and discover critical concepts for designing a database. Explore how to administer a MySQL database including limiting access, creating users, database backup, and performance monitoring. Then get ready to take your MySQL skills to the next level as you learn SQL for developers, database replication, data encryption, and more.

  • Grow your MySQL skills w/ over 84 lectures & 12 hours of content
  • Gain a solid foundation in PHP & MySQL
  • Discover how to use PHP variables & debug PHP code
  • Learn how to read a configuration file
  • Discover the basics of using a PHP library
  • Study common security threats
  • Understand the MySQL architecture & installation process
  • Learn database design & administration
  • Use indexing for database performance

MySQL is a general purpose relational database management system (RDBMS) used mainly to provide a back-end database for web applications. In this course, we’ll introduce the concepts of relational database management systems in general, and how they relate to MySQL in particular. Unlike traditional courses that concentrate mainly on theory, this course takes a practical “how-to” approach to working with data.

  • Learn to create databases & tables w/ 20 lectures & 2 hours of instruction
  • Add data to a table w/ INSERT
  • Read a table w/ SELECT
  • Study how to use WHERE to filter data
  • Use ORDER BY to sort data
  • Read from multiple tables w/ JOINs
  • Change data in a table w/ UPDATE
  • Remove one or more rows of data from a table w/ the DELETE query
  • Use a text file to load a database schema

Take your marketing skills to new heights by mastering technical SQL data analysis. SQL allows you to better understand customer behavior so you can create targeted, data-driven marketing strategies. Marketers are not required to have the same SQL know-how as SQL developers, which is why this course focuses on the skills you need to be an in-demand technical marketer.

  • Learn marketing SQL techniques w/ over 41 lectures & 4 hours of content
  • Learn the initial setup process & basic concepts
  • Study the six components that make up every SQL query
  • Use SQL to query any database
  • Get pre-built queries to extract info about your users
  • Learn to find your most profitable users
  • Run a cohort analysis

Do you want to master SQL, and start making more money with each paycheck? Even the lowest payed SQL developers make upwards of $60,000 per year, and this course will teach you the skills necessary to rock out SQL Statements, Views, Stored Procedures, and more.

  • Study database design w/ 49 lectures & 6 hours of content
  • Design a database from scratch & understand the thought process behind it
  • Building on basic SQL skills w/ more technique
  • Learn techniques that even you average DBA doesn’t fully understand
  • Study SQL Statements, Views, Stored Procedures, Triggers, User Defined Functions & more
  • Add essential SQL skills to your resume
  • Build the database back-end for an application

You may have heard the term LAMP, and WAMP is an equivalent Web stack for Windows operating systems. Together, Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP become the canvas on which amazing apps are developed. This course will teach you to create a database using WAMP and SQL so that you will be able to manage extremely large amounts of data with ease.

  • Create a database using WAMP & SQL w/ 46 lectures & 3 hours of content
  • Design a complex database for any line of business application
  • Write complex SQL statements
  • Manipulate a massive amount of data in milliseconds
  • Understand what a relational database is
  • Understand primary & foreign keys
  • Study SQL statements, views, stored procedures, triggers & user-defined functions
  • Install WAMP & MySQL

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