Happy 2014 greetings from SoS

Hi friends,

I’m not sure if you’ll noticed or not, but it is now 2014. As is customary with all self-obsessed fools, I feel this is the perfect time to give an inspiring speech. So here goes.

2013 was a big year for SharewareOnSale. Why? Simply because that is our year of birth. And boy what an year it has been. In roughly four and a half months — from middle of August when we launched to end of December — we have grown at an astonishing rate. Whereas we were new and unknown back in August, we now have a family of over 70,000 people… and growing every day.

We’ve grown so quickly due to the awesome giveaways and discounted sales we bring to you on a daily basis, and we hope to carry this into 2014. We aren’t the only daily software giveaways and discounts website out there nor can we claim to be the first. However, we are aiming to be the best.

And for us to get to the top, we need your continual support. So I’ll cut this short (I’ve never been good at public speaking anyway) and get right to the point of this post: thank you all very much for joining us on this journey. We most definitely wouldn’t be here without each and every one of you.

Here’s to a great 2014! Hopefully all the ads you’ll view (and click) will make me rich by the end of the year. (I kid, I kid. Sort of.)

Take care,
Mr. Boss @ SharewareOnSale

  • http://Website John

    Ashraf – You are doing a fine job! Keep it up. Congratulations on the family, new home, success in business, and so on. Great stuff, keep it up and good luck on future success!

  • http://Website sandro

    Thank you for being the best for the whole year again.

  • Ashraf

    @Everyone: Thanks! Happy ’14!

  • aleksey

    Спасибо,Ашраф! Удачи в Новом 2014 Году!!!

  • gdeswart

    Ashraf, your success is well deserved, it’s a great site. Best wishes.

  • red

    Thanks for a great site. Proud to say I was a supporter before SOS became awesomely popular! Keep up the great work and intelligent balance of varied promotions – with honest reviews and no-nonsense insight into each product’s limitations.

  • Julio EDORH

    Merci pour tout. Bonne Année 2014.

  • AndyPir

    Thank You and Happy New Year to You also

  • http://Website Fred

    Hi, thanks for that website and the great deals especially the free ones.
    Would be nice if there could be a rerun of Lazesoft Recovery Professional for free. :-]
    Also nice to have a mirror for DSG downloads. Sometimes the downloads there simply don´t work sometimes they are crippled with social-media-crap like facebook share, twitter, google etc. to get the download.

  • asgeo

    Thank you very much for this excelent site, Ashraf.
    Best wishes to you & your family.

  • Yahya

    The pleasure is all ours akhee, Wishing you and SoS success in the future..

  • http://Website Jeanjean

    Wishing you (and your family) a Happy New Year with hope that you will have many successes in the year to come.

  • sos.archive

    Ashraf, I wish you a Happy New Year! and many rewards for your work in the present year and after it.

    All my best thoughts,

  • smile

    May I say that this is by far the best site of it’s kind on the net. 2014 will I feel be an exceptional year and long may you continue. My very best wishes to you Ashraf and may your success grow, be happy and healthy and the rest will take care of it’s self.

  • Ashraf

    @trust: Thank you very much :-)

  • trust

    Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year to You & Yours, Ashraf.

    SharewareOnSale, an infant though it is, is already THE BEST site of its kind on the Internet: Together, the sheer number of daily 100% Free offers plus the highly discounted additional offers, alone, make your site unique. In addition, the extraordinary care, innovativeness, user-friendly functionality that went into the design of your site make it a genuine pleasure to visit and to explore. For example, something as *simple* as your making it possible to get a synopsis of a featured software ITEM or an ARTICLE by just hovering over its link is one example of why I appreciate SharewareOnSale as much as I do. The word “masterpiece” comes to mind.

    Your making it possible freely to comment on, discuss, critique and argue about software –and everything else :-) — is an added bonus and testimony to your personal integrity, openness and commitment to making SoS, not only a place to get free/inexpensive software but a place to learn and to exchange ideas.

    I wont waste time by wishing you continued success in 2014 and beyond because you have already made that a fait accompli.