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Free Abelssoft JetDrive 7 Ultimate (100% discount)

Terms and Conditions
  • This is a 1-computer lifetime license, for home use
  • No free updates; if you update the program, you may lose it
  • No free tech support
  • Must be downloaded, installed, and registered before this offer is over -- you cannot register later
  • May not be resold
  • No refunds and exchanges; if you are having trouble activating or registering, please ask for help
Technical Details
  • Developed by Abelssoft
  • Current version is v7
  • Download size is 30.1 MB
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 (32-bit and 64-bit), requires .NET Framework 2.0
  • VirusTotal scan results: 0/44

Abelssoft JetDrive 7 Ultimate is an innovative program that utilizes sophisticated algorithms to conduct fast and effective defragmentation of your hard drive(s) and registry. It can also check and fix drive errors and clean temp files.

This sale has expired, sorry! See Active Sales list for more free and discounted Windows software.

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  1. stumble

    Reply to this comment#37

    I think the main problem is that this site is in most cases not linking to the original website. Instead the exe is grabbed and provided for download – or a direct download link is used. Both is not legal in EU law unless the site owner has a license from the publisher.

  2. Philx

    Reply to this comment#36

    Oops: mea culpa! No wonder the Ashampoo product isn’t here on SoS. . . Herr Ashraf clearly knows german better than I do. (It’s an Ashampoo trial offer, not a giveaway.)

  3. Philx

    Reply to this comment#35

    [@Ashraf] I have noticed on several occasions the way some SoS commentards have held SoS responsible for the free software download opportunities featured here. That kind of confusion helps no-one: people need to understand that SoS is a consolidator of Internet-wide giveaway offers, one of several such consolidators. In harvesting the German computerbild website offer — which anyone can do, whether they’re in Germany or not, and whether they use SoS or not — SoS wasn’t doing anything illegal: public realm is public realm, no ifs, no buts.

    Computerbild today has Ashampoo Magical defrag as a giveaway, but it doesn’t appear here — perhaps not surprisingly, after that magazine’s reaction to SoS publicising (I really don’t like ashraf’s use of the word “promoting” because, strictly speaking, the meaning isn’t one and the same) its Abelssoft offer. I don’t have much sympathy with computerbild, though I can quite see how it might object were the downloads that it facilitates were being included without its knowledge in SoS’s running tally of a claimed $54 million of downloads — that’s really not the wisest thing to be saying, seeing as how I could go around promoting myself as being responsible for countless $millions in downloads simply because over the years I’ve drawn the attention of many to the existence of various freeware or giveaway opportunities.

    The purpose of giveaway and discount consolidators like SoS is to take the hassle out of hunting the ‘Net for giveaways one’s self. I appreciate that. What makes SoS the best consolidator is that, unlike all those other harvesters, this one is run by a knowledgable human being who interacts with his users — a touch of individuality that’s much valued.

    SoS’s best friend would therefore seem to be absolute clarity so as to preclude the possibility of misunderstandings down the line. It always used to identify a giveaway which was *not* originated by SoS, though whether it actually did so in the case of the Abelssoft offer isn’t clear. What it now needs to do, and Ashraf needs to do, is:

    (i) make clear at the top of its home page that it is a consolidator of giveaway offers but that:

    (ii) it also *originates* giveaways directly itself in conjunction with SoS partners and that:

    (iii) where these giveaways are concerned, it will always provide ordering information and download links but:

    (iv) where the giveaways originated by others are concerned, SoS will only provide a link to that giveaway and nothing more.

    As for the $54 million . . . though a harmless indulgence, it nevertheless serves to give the impression that this website has originated transactions to that value by dint of arrangements it has made itself with the software publishers and software developers concerned. Except: it hasn’t — as exemplified by the case of Computerbild, which evidently knew nothing of the publicity being given to it on SoS.

    Just my two pennorth.

  4. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#34

    [@Micke] [@VisualQ] It is quite legal. The download is available to everyone (globally) via their website; it isn’t just for select people. That means EVERYONE can get it, not just German people. Plus, we directed everyone to first and then put up download mirrors for people that have issues with getting it from

    Of course, then the question arises: is it legal to mirror a download that is already freely available to everyone online (without modifying the file)? Not illegal in my opinion but I think the law isn’t black and white on it.

    I would agree it wouldn’t be right if the computerbild giveaway was available only to a select group of people. But this is not the case — everyone can grab it.

    However, maybe next time I’ll run the giveaway in a different manner. Maybe a more direct “go to this website and click here” method instead of providing download links will quell all protests. Not like it matters much because in the end people get the same software — just a little difference in procedure. Thanks for the feedback, everyone.

  5. Micke

    Reply to this comment#33

    @ VisualQ, Ashraf , Tim

    Ummm, I think we have a situation here, where an offer intended only for a German website got linked from SoS.
    But I whould not call it Piracy tho, possible link stealing in that case.
    Now I do not know German so I can not tell if that was an excluse offer or not.

    Perhaps it could be Copyright infringement since the delivery of the software is recived by other then intended?
    But I realy do not se the problem, this is basic what internet is on the other side of the coin.

    But Ashraf, just to be on the safe side, check up closer on if this could be a violation of some kind.
    I do know that linking to copyright material without permit is a violation, just not sure how this counts on Giveaways.

  6. VisualQ

    Reply to this comment#32

    @Ashraf: Does this mean that SoftwareOnSale didn’t buy an own license but simply took it from this link? THis would not be legal and I’m quite happy now that I did not install it yet.

  7. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#31

    [@Tim] So Abelssoft is saying we cracked their software, inserted a registration form into it that activates the programs by sending people an email from Yeah, okay.

    Did you ask them for proof of their claims? If you did, they wouldn’t be able to provide it to you because they are lying. This is not a pirated copy. This is a special giveaway from a German website. You don’t have to believe me. Head over to and see for yourself. All we did we promote the giveaway and mirror the download, aside from linking to the original download itself.

    I don’t know why Abelssoft is lying but I assume it is because they have a vested interest in our competitors. Yes, there are websites out there that try to grow their business and get people to use their websites instead of ours by maligning our name.

  8. Tim

    Reply to this comment#30

    I got a message from Abelssoft saying:

    Please contact the SoftwareOnSale Support as this download is a pirated copy that they didn’t have the right to put on their website.

  9. bernard

    Reply to this comment#29

    Download and registration fast and without any problems. At first: used the program very carefully (as all software of this kind), just checking and optimization of the defragmented registry. Very fast. More likely to follow.
    Up to now I had never problems with Dr. Abel’s software, also this one seems performing well. Neither my HD nor my Win7 got damaged. Ridiculous!

  10. Hany

    Reply to this comment#28

    it will kill ur hdd and ur windows .. dont try it

  11. Michael

    Reply to this comment#27

    I didn’t have the trouble others are saying in here they experienced.
    Everything went smoothly for me and I installed in both of my computers.
    I performed Defragment Registry on my laptop and it was fast.
    I don’t have any nego so far to say, but positively only.
    Many thanks Ashraf and to the developer as well.
    Comments by Michael

  12. Viks

    Reply to this comment#26

    30.1 MB of shit… It says 1 day 2 hours and 20 minutes remaining. 26 hours to defrag a 80 GB drive…who dose that? Other options are not unique ether. Uninstalled(not before it hanged my system in doing so.) Complete crap.

  13. SAUD

    Reply to this comment#25

    Thank you very much, you are honest in your transactions and wish you further progress and success

  14. Wolfgang Boesche

    Reply to this comment#24

    Abelssoft programs you can trust – always satisfied. Many thanks.

  15. firasse

    Reply to this comment#23


  16. firasse

    Reply to this comment#22


  17. Pons

    Reply to this comment#21

    The program does not work! I installed 3 times the program from 3 links of download and it works not at all. During the launch of the program, nothing takes place. No window opens. I am under Windows XP SP3.

  18. john denning

    Reply to this comment#20

    I get the following message went I try to download “Download file 1: jetdrive_cbd_de_06_2014.exe”
    “Info icon The website declined to show this webpage”

  19. Mr.Dave

    Reply to this comment#19

    Program downloaded, installed, automatically registered (I had an older “pro” version). Thanks for the chance to upgrade! I used the third download link.

  20. Allan

    Reply to this comment#18

    I really have a problem understanding the whining. Here the installation was right on – in English. Yes, the first optimation took a couple of hours, but of course, I let it finish the job. Result ? A fast an responsive computer – even bootin’ up faster. Only freeware alternative to this defragger must be Ultra Defrag….if you know, how to use it.
    Thanks a lot, Ashraf..

  21. Philx

    Reply to this comment#17

    [@jeff] What a ludicrous comment. D’you realise how pompous you look, airily castigating others whose experience of a piece of software doesn’t replicate yours? Get a life indeed — starting with one for yourself, methinks.

  22. Micke

    Reply to this comment#16

    Humm, I am not all sure on this software.
    As olegatar said it leaves big tmp files with every cancelled defrag.
    It also works very slow and heavy with little information on whats going on.
    To cancell a defrag takes forever.
    It told me my optimize whould take minutes, houers later I cancelled, that took about the same time.
    Then I started in another mode, it there warned me that it will optimize and it can take 24h+.

    This could maybe have been a nice pice of software, but at the moment it feels badly written.

    Btw my computer is a newly reinstall, so there is wery little that can interfear with other softwares or cause above problem. So it is likely this software that has a problem or two.

  23. tony al mur

    Reply to this comment#15

    i want to try it.
    many in the forum said it is a great product.

  24. eld

    Reply to this comment#14

    Ultra Defrag works great, and is open source.
    search ultradefrag

  25. Dr Jimi

    Reply to this comment#13

    I used the 3rd link, and everything downloaded in english. If you ever need to translate something try google translate.

  26. jeff

    Reply to this comment#12

    jetdrive 7 downloaded and registered perfectly. thank you ashraf. everybody that bitches about the free software offered here everyday, get a life!

  27. pulerialfredo

    Reply to this comment#11


  28. Philx

    Reply to this comment#10

    So far, so seriously unimpressive . . . The main download link for this Abelssoft product doesn’t work; prospective users should choose the first mirror instead. Downloading goes without a hitch but the installation routine is repeatedly obstructed by a Windows alert:

    “JetDrive has stopped working. Windows is checking for a solution to the problem.”

    The alert vanishes after a short time and installation appears to continue as intended, but then another screen appears:
    “AbWmiAndSchedulerCheck has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.”

    Software uninstalled with Geek (because Revo’s crap on x64 systems). Software downloaded again in case earlier download corrupted. Install routine yet again disrupted by this-software-has-stopped-working alerts before it’s even, er, working. Thanks SoS. Not your fault or responsibility to sort out so I’m permanently uninstalling and forgetting.

  29. Guy

    Reply to this comment#9

    impossible de télécharger le fichier 1
    page web introuvable !

  30. johnbarleycorn

    Reply to this comment#8

    Thanks a lot for Abelsoft JetDrive, regards.

  31. Frederick

    Reply to this comment#7OLD COMMENT

    Disappointed. As one who follows your and Giovanni’s reviews on GiveAwayoftheDay offers, finding an offer with a ReadMe file in German is not an incentive to install the program. Why not address the language issue in the offer?

  32. onesimus

    Reply to this comment#6OLD COMMENT

    Downloaded&installed it.
    Registration failed, does not work:it says it cannot see my internet connection!
    Maybe I should stay away here?

  33. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#5OLD COMMENT

    [@olegatar] Thanks for the feedback.

    [@Frederick] Bad assumption. Program is in English.

    [@115] Does it give you any trial messages? If not, then it is probably registered.

  34. 115

    Reply to this comment#4OLD COMMENT

    Downloaded and installed as per instructions. But as mentioned in the instructions, it did not ask for any registration details on first run. How do I make sure my copy is registered?

  35. Frederick

    Reply to this comment#3OLD COMMENT

    To clarify my previous comment; the read me first file was in german, I assume then the program is also in german and chose not to install it. I am deleting the download.

  36. Frederick

    Reply to this comment#2OLD COMMENT

    So I downloaded the program and unzipped the file only to discover it is German. Thanks but no thanks SharewareOnSale.

  37. olegatar

    Reply to this comment#1OLD COMMENT

    bcz I interuped defrag, this programm made 7 GB Temp file at disk C. Not good for me

Important Info

Terms and Conditions

  • This is a 1-computer lifetime license, for home use
  • No free updates; if you update the program, you may lose it
  • No free tech support
  • Must be downloaded, installed, and registered before this offer is over — you cannot register later
  • May not be resold
  • No refunds and exchanges; if you are having trouble activating or registering, please ask for help

Technical Details

  • Developed by Abelssoft
  • Current version is v7
  • Download size is 30.1 MB
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 (32-bit and 64-bit), requires .NET Framework 2.0
  • VirusTotal scan results: 0/44