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Free Zemana AntiLogger (100% discount)

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  • Developed by Zemana
  • Version is v1.9.3.525
  • Download size is 27.8 MB
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • VirusTotal scan results: 0/48

Zemana AntiLogger is a powerful program that blocks attempts to record and steal your private information by malware, like keyloggers. It uses sophisticated behavioral analysis to monitor the processes running on your PC in real-time, taking note and blocking any suspicious activity.

Zemana AntiLogger works alongside most regular anti-virus programs and is able to block threats designed to remain undetected by traditional anti-virus products.

This giveaway is of a 1-year license. Want a longer license? Get Zemana AntiLogger long-term license with free updates for 3-year or 5-year license at 70% off regular price.

This sale has expired, sorry! See Active Sales list for more free and discounted Windows software.

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  1. ger

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  2. Aymen

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  3. mustafa

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  5. Ida

    Reply to this comment#158

    [@sorkay] You are welcome, keep visiting our website ;) and enjoy your one year license ;)

  6. sorkay

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    şu anda zaten Zemana AntiLogger kullanıyorum bu hediye çok iyi oldu sitenize devamlı giriyorum çok faydalanıyorum emeginize saglık başarılar

  7. Ida

    Reply to this comment#156

    I would like to thank all of you for downloading Zemana AntiLogger and thanks for all of your questions. If in the future you have problems with AntiLogger, please feel free to contact our support team:
    Thank you everyone and enjoy using AntiLogger! ;) Regards from the Zemana team.

  8. Ida

    Reply to this comment#155

    [@Sky1] AntiLogger works in the background and you are protected! AntiLogger keeps track of who is doing what on your computer. If there is an illegal program trying to do fishy things on your computer-Antilloger will let you know and automatically block it! So yes it does work! When it comes to the software you installed-you maybe disabled it or it wasn’t working properly, or like you said it got corrupted over time. Or Antilogger didnt notify you about it program if it was working properly-so there was no need to be alarmed by AntiLogger. And you probalby didnt change the settings for AntiLogger. Maybe your laptop is not working properly so good luck with fixing it ;) Wish you all the best ;)

  9. Ida

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    [@Aparat] Not blocked anymore ;) They are white listed and automatically allowed by AntiLogger.

  10. Ida

    Reply to this comment#153

    [@Bull] Ok Bull-whatever works for you ;) But you could have installed Zemana AntiLogger-just to see how it works and maybe to see a comparison between KeyScrambler and our AntiLogger. I see that KeyScrambler is recommended by BBC same like AntiLogger ;) Here is the link to the video you can check it out and see that actually Zemana AntiLogger passed their test ;)

  11. Bull

    Reply to this comment#152

    For an aniti-keylogger, I prefer to use KeyScrambler. It has yet to fail me since 2006. it does have a free version that is limited compared to the pro and premium, but enough to work for internet use.

  12. Ida

    Reply to this comment#151

    [@janisarry] You are welcome ;)

  13. Ida

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    [@Jose] I como te gusta, Jose?

  14. janisarry

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    thank you

  15. trisfreewoo

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  16. Jose

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    Lo probare

  17. Sky1

    Reply to this comment#146

    [@Aparat] [@Ida] Aparat, thank you for the info.
    Ida, thanks for the white-list tip, but since I would not be able to install it, if I waited for a reply, I went ahead and installed it before the deadline, and surprise surprise, Anti-logger, did in fact NOT detect any keylogger software on my laptop, which seems not very trustworthy, is it? So it is now working happily in the background, telling me that I am protected (?) like never before! :)
    However, before I jump to conclusions, I really do not know why it did not detect my self-installed keylogger sw, and is it because that program got corrupted over time, or because it was in idle mode and not active, or if it is really a perfectly stealthy piece of program that EVEN Antillogger cannot detect it, which would be a good reference for it but a bad one for Antilogger. Or maybe because the program was there, BEFORE Antilogger got installed, which does not make sense. In any case, I have no time now, I have other problems with my laptop. Soon, I will find the keylogger and try to activate it and then see what happens. TC.

  18. Ida

    Reply to this comment#145

    [@Louise] I am so sorry to hear that :( Next time please use a different browser and download Zemana AntiMalware from here you get a fully functional 30-day trial
    Once again I am sorry you were not able to download our one year license :(
    All I can tell you is to follow zemana on twitter @Zemana, and look for our giveaways that we have on Twitter. Regards, Ida.

  19. Louise

    Reply to this comment#144

    [@Ida] [@Ida]
    Ida, I didn’t think it was malicious but I couldn’t get around chrome. I’ve never had that happen before. I finally went to your website and downloaded it (with no problem), but it won’t take the license code. :( Disappointed I missed it. I’ve been looking for one to install.

  20. Ida

    Reply to this comment#143

    [@Inna] You are welcome, enjoy using it ;)

  21. Ida

    Reply to this comment#142

    [@Sky] Hello ;) Yes Zemana AntiLogger will find it and if it is not safe it will block it. I also had some programs on my computer that I used before. Once I installed AntiLogger-I could no longer use the program I installed. I contacted my team and they White Listed it, because it is not malicious. So if there is an illegal program trying to gain access to your computer, like capture your keystroke, gain access to your clipboard, AntiLogger will automatically block it. If you want some programs to be white listed you may contact our support team ;)
    AntiLogger knows who is doing what on your computer! It works on the assumption that your computer is infected. Thank you for using it ;)

  22. Ida

    Reply to this comment#141

    [@Louise] I am sorry this happened, clear all of your cookies, then go to the link, I assure you it is not malicious-we are here to protect you ;)

  23. Ida

    Reply to this comment#140

    [@abderrezak] you are welcome;)

  24. Ida

    Reply to this comment#139

    [@Aparat] Yes indeed, thanks for explaining! ;)

  25. Ida

    Reply to this comment#138

    [@Ernie F] You are welcome, enjoy ;)

  26. Ida

    Reply to this comment#137

    [@red baron] You are welcome I am glad it did ;)

  27. Ida

    Reply to this comment#136

    [@Aparat] Yes it is possible, I will let my team know and we will do it! ;)

  28. Ernie F

    Reply to this comment#135

    [@Ida] I have used Zemana for over a year. Got it as a give away, 1 year license. Program impressed me enough that when license expired I purchased it with expiration date of June 5, 2015. I entered today’s giveaway license key code and it extended license to June 19,2015, so thanks for the extra few days. Look forward to continuing to keep this in my security toolkit. Ernie Bell

  29. red baron

    Reply to this comment#134

    #63 thanks Ida, worked like a charm.

  30. red baron

    Reply to this comment#133

    Don’t know why, but when I try to use the links in my e-mail, it bounces to (–12b9e14f642421ae2ektKe87apeajed8bz) and displays a giant icon saying, “Oops, something went wrong.” Linking from an existing page led me here.

  31. Aparat

    Reply to this comment#132

    @Sky, this also applies to you. I’ve downloaded the PDF manual for this and it seems that you can set rules – allow, block, etc – for programs/processes that Zemana Anti-logger detects. Your stealth program would be detected and you’d have to ‘allow’ it, like I would with my programs.

  32. Inna

    Reply to this comment#131

    Thank You for this program! I use it for almost a year now and just need a licence key for anotther year! It is the best security tool addition and I am very grateful for it!

  33. Louise

    Reply to this comment#130

    The first link just hangs and won’t go to a site. The second one downloaded but chrome blocked it as malicious. :(

  34. Sky

    Reply to this comment#129

    Hello, Ida,
    I also have a question similar to Aparat’s but a bit more complicated. I did in fact, personally install a keylogger sw to my own laptop, just in case I have to give it to someone for repair, etc., and then, can see what they were up to, but I have never used it to date and even forgot it’s name, etc., (sure I can find it if I tried), because it is idle and in stealth mode. My question; can I keep this sw installed, as I reckon, your program will find it (it would be a shame if it didn’t) and declare it as safe, etc., so your sw ignores it, or will I have to uninstall it, or worse, will your program delete it for me without even asking, automatically during or after being installed? Your reply, will make me decide for or against installing Zemana. Thank you.

  35. Aparat

    Reply to this comment#128

    Hi, thanks for the previous answer. Is it possible to set Zemana Anti-logger to ignore certain screen-grabbing programs and other programs that might be affected by the program? Is it possible to add programs to a ‘safe’ list? I use FastStone Capture, PicPick and DuckCapture and don’t want these to be blocked. Thanks.

  36. abderrezak

    Reply to this comment#127

    merci beaucoup a toute l’équipe de zemana .je suis reconnaissant .encore merci

  37. Ida

    Reply to this comment#126

    Hurry up guys only 12 hours left to get four free ONE YEAR ZEMANA ANTILOGGER LICENSE ;)

  38. Ida

    Reply to this comment#125

    [@tux’t] Wow thank you so much ;) Enjoy your free license and greetings from the Zemana Team ;)

  39. Ida

    Reply to this comment#124

    [@subhendu] Yes you can ;) You can uninstall it install it but keep in mind that the time is ticking. So you can download it and enter the license key and use it for example 100 days…then uninstall it, later on install it again but the same license key and you will have left 265 days ;) so each time you enter the license key time is ticking. But yes you may install-uninstall as much as you want ;)

  40. Ida

    Reply to this comment#123

    [@aron] Zemana is a privately held company, founded in 2007, NOT OWNED BY MICROSOFT! When users download Zemana AntiLogger we know from where they downloaded it, so IP address, e-mail address, which browser you used and that’s it ;) nothing else ;)

  41. tux't

    Reply to this comment#122

    Just wanted to say, I’ve used Zemana Antilogger the past 3-4 years and have found it to be a very good security tool addition. Saved my data a few times and is a part of my Security Toolkit! Zemana I thankyou, especially when the software license for 1 year is ‘free!’ If I wasn’t long term ill with little income, I would most definetly take advantage of the discounted offer!

    Ashraf I thankyou too and in the words of Tony The Tiger ‘They’re Grrreat!’ :D

  42. subhendu

    Reply to this comment#121

    good software but can i use this software after uninstall it again with the same license key ?

  43. aron

    Reply to this comment#120

    Is Zemana owned by Microsoft? Because it phones home to a Microsoft IP Also, would you please tell what data is being uploaded to Zemana/Microsoft during the registration. Obviously IP, email address, and browser identity, but what else? Thank you very much.

  44. Ida

    Reply to this comment#119

    [@Robert] You are welcome, thanks for the positive feedback ;)

  45. Robert

    Reply to this comment#118

    I have heard very positive remarks about this program off and on for a couple years. It’s awesome to be able to give it a (very thorough, full year) “test drive”. Thanks so much, Ashraf and the Zemana team!!

  46. Ida

    Reply to this comment#117

    [@hampton] You are very much welcome ;)

  47. hampton

    Reply to this comment#116

    I just logged on to say, this is a really nice gotd. thank you very much Zemana. fine product.

  48. Ida

    Reply to this comment#115

    [@Ezio Ponzalino] Non parlo italiano ;) And what about Optimus? ;)

  49. Ezio Ponzalino

    Reply to this comment#114

    Un ottimo programma antivirus

  50. Ezio Ponzalino

    Reply to this comment#113


  51. Ida

    Reply to this comment#112

    [@Bill] Hello Bill. We have the expand button but you need to click on each question in order to expand, because there are to many questions. If we put expand all, then all off the answers will be expanded and some of the users might not need all of the answers and it would be too much too read. This way you click on the question you are interested to know the answer to. Thanks Bill.

  52. Bill

    Reply to this comment#111

    Ida of Zemana,
    Could you please place an “expand all” button and functionality on your FAQ page (“Support for Antilogger”). Good HCI practice.
    Much appreciated,

  53. Ida

    Reply to this comment#110

    [@Mo] You are welcome ;)

  54. Mo

    Reply to this comment#109

    to much thanx for u 4 this nice offer and software

  55. Ida

    Reply to this comment#108

    [@Alen] ALAN, it is a VALID CODE! We do not give out licenses that are not valid. Restart your computer please, uninstall it, install, use different browsers, clear cookies…This should help. I assure you the LICENSE KEY WORKS! I checked it myself!

  56. Ida

    Reply to this comment#107

    [@Alen] It does work, please uninstall and then install again and insert the key please. It works my team has just checked!

  57. Alen

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  58. Alen

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  59. Ida

    Reply to this comment#104

    [@Daniel] Yes we are ;)

  60. Daniel

    Reply to this comment#103

    Wow it’s good to see that the vendor is posting and providing support here :)

  61. Ida

    Reply to this comment#102

    Please feel free to contact our support:


  62. Ida

    Reply to this comment#101

    Hello guys! I have been getting e-mails that you guys are not able to download our license-that it is not valid and so on. IT IS VALID AND IT DOES WORK. As I have explained yesterday, you click on DOWNLOAD IT NOW! Then you enter your e-mail address, you click on the EXE file, you save it on your computer, then the download begins, and you will have to put in your license key and you do that on the left side under the tab SERVICES-where you will see LICENSE,UPDATES,SUPPORT. Click on LICENSE, after you do on the right side you will see like a bar code, click where it says LICENSE-ENTER IT AND PRESS ACTIVATE ;) problem solved ;)

  63. Ida

    Reply to this comment#100

    @All- After activation is made, you can see current information about your subscription in the AntiLogger interface, under Services > License.

  64. Ida

    Reply to this comment#99

    [@yoav] AWESOME!!! Glad it all works now! Thank you for downloading! ;)

  65. yoav

    Reply to this comment#98

    thank you IDA
    now it is o.k.

  66. Ida

    Reply to this comment#97

    [@med] Aren’t they awesome? ;) Enjoy using Zemana-AntiLogger ;)

  67. Ida

    Reply to this comment#96

    [@Jimmy] You are welcome ;) Enjoy

  68. senada58

    Reply to this comment#95

    [@Jimmy] You are welcome ;)

  69. Ida

    Reply to this comment#94

    [@bhayashi] Yes please do that!

  70. Ida

    Reply to this comment#93

    @ALL Zemana AntiLogger is not designed to replace your installed antivirus software — it’s made to detect serious threats that are outside of their scope. It adds an extra layer of essential protection to whatever anti-malware or anti-virus software you’re currently using.

  71. Ida

    Reply to this comment#92

    [@Godel] It is not a mistake, it is not giving away any information-IT IS PROTECTING YOU!

  72. Ida

    Reply to this comment#91

    [@Sean] Awesome! Glad to hear it!

  73. Ida

    Reply to this comment#90

    @All You may check out Zemana’s compatibility list here:

  74. Sean

    Reply to this comment#89

    [@Ida] Thank You worked like a champ

  75. Ida

    Reply to this comment#88

    [@abi] You are welcome ;)

  76. Ida

    Reply to this comment#87

    “We are extremely sorry for the trouble you are having.
    Please try re-installing using the instructions below.
    Uninstall your current version of AntiLogger
    Re-boot your computer (very important)
    Delete the “AntiLogger” folder from your “Program Files” directory (very important)
    Download and install the most recent version of Zemana AntiLogger.

    You should re activate your AntiLogger using your license key then.”

  77. Ida

    Reply to this comment#86

    [@Aparat] Hello. Yes it does, more info available here: And no it does not conflict with Avast so no need to replace Avast in order to install AntiLogger, it will work together with Avast and our Zemana AntiLogger adds an extra layer of security, so you are protected-no worries. We recommend using the AntiLogger in tandem with good anti-virus and firewall software to ensure all-round protection of your PC.

  78. yoav

    Reply to this comment#85

    IDA, thanks for your answer.
    still’ i don`t know why the version number didn`t change?

  79. abi

    Reply to this comment#84

    thank you so much…

  80. Ida

    Reply to this comment#83

    Our Plimus order email template for 3-5 years has been changed. Also we have activated 3 and 5 years licenses on Antilogger interface. Both of them work correctly.The issue is now fixed.

  81. Ida

    Reply to this comment#82

    Download the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility from and try to uninstall with it. NOTE:You must be logged on to Windows with a user account that is a computer administrator to run Windows Installer CleanUp Utility and before do it please close AntiLogger. Any third party uninstaller and registry cleaner software which may affect these, should be off.
    Re-boot your computer (very important)
    Delete the “AntiLogger” folder from your “Program Files” directory (very important)
    Please re try downloading and installing AntiLogger.

  82. Sean

    Reply to this comment#81

    I keep getting Error code 2343 when i try to install any help please

  83. Aparat

    Reply to this comment#80

    Does this perform a similar function, e.g. stopping the logging of keystrokes, as QFX’s Keyscrambler? I ask this because I can’t get ‘Keyscrambler’ to work properly in Chrome, as it randomly scrambles keystrokes in “Save As” dialog boxes and password fields. Sometimes minimising the Chrome window and then maximising it and re-opening the dialog box fixes the problem. But I’d really prefer a permanent replacement for it, as I’ve had to uninstall it again and probably for good, this time.

    Oh, and does it conflict with Avast?

  84. Godel

    Reply to this comment#79

    Excellent program. If you already have it installed you need only enter the new license key, no need to download and install the program again. Works well beside my antivirus program, Kaspersky.

    Question: Why does the fact that you have Zemana installed show up in your online signature? It seems like a mistake for a security program to give away information of it’s presence to potential enemies.

  85. bhayashi

    Reply to this comment#78

    [@Ida] Mmn…bummer. Thanks for the reply. Guess with the next version, I’ll uninstall then install the new version.

  86. Ida

    Reply to this comment#77

    [@Brad] Currently AntiLogger does not allow users to change the installation path.
    In the next major version we will let the users change the installation path.

  87. Brad

    Reply to this comment#76

    During installation, am I not able to change the installation directory?

  88. Marcin

    Reply to this comment#75

    Thanks for sharing:)

  89. med

    Reply to this comment#74


  90. Jimmy

    Reply to this comment#73

    Thank you for the update

  91. Ida

    Reply to this comment#72

    Yup, feel free to ask any questions you might have ;)

  92. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#71

    @Everyone: You are very welcome! Also note, Ida is from Zemana so ask any questions you may have.

  93. Ida

    Reply to this comment#70

    [@Chas] You are welcome, enjoy!

  94. Ida

    Reply to this comment#69

    [@m] You are very welcome ;)

  95. Chas

    Reply to this comment#68

    The best of all giveaways! I was able to extend my license for a year. Much thanks!

  96. m

    Reply to this comment#67

    Thank you both, Ashraf and Zemana, for this great giveaway.
    Best regards

  97. Ida

    Reply to this comment#66

    [@Rob] Just use your debit/credit card that is already linked to your Pay Pal account.

  98. Ida

    Reply to this comment#65

    If you are trying to buy our 3/5 year licenses just use the debit/credit card you have linked with your PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account just enter your debit/credit card info. It is all secure! ;)

  99. Rob

    Reply to this comment#64

    I could not figure out how to select PayPal for the 3 year version.

  100. Ida

    Reply to this comment#63

    For all off you having trouble finding where to insert your license key, here is the solution: Once you have downloaded it, on the left side you have Protection console, Managements Console and Services. Click on the Services Tab, it will display license, updates and support. Click on LICENSE. Once you do on the right side you you will something looking like a bar code, click on it and then copy and paste the license! ;) Hope I was able to help everyone ;)

  101. Ida

    Reply to this comment#62

    [@yoav] You have to put in the new license ;) The version will change and you will get one year of Zemana AntiLogger! ;)

  102. Ida

    Reply to this comment#61

    There is no caution to be taken, this is 100% legitimate!!!! Intel trusts us, BBC did a whole video on AntiLogger and AntiLogger got amazing feedback available on the website:
    And AntiLogger features:

  103. senada58

    Reply to this comment#60

    [@Mari] Hello Mari. Well this is why you should trust the product:
    And go ahead and check out this video made my BBC :
    and INTEL IS our partner-they all trust us-you should too!

  104. Ida

    Reply to this comment#59

    [@olivia b] Have a good night Olivia and thanks for downloading ;) Enjoy

  105. yoav

    Reply to this comment#58

    i had version from sep 24 2013.
    i downloaded & run the new version.
    the program isn`t ask me to register with the new lisence.
    when i run the program i saw it has the old version.
    in the program i entered the new lisence and got lisence for one year, but the version didn`t change.
    did i do something incorrect.
    thanks for your help

  106. Mari

    Reply to this comment#57

    Why should we trust this program. At the level it operates it could not only act as a defense against malware, but it could also be reporting keystrokes back to the developer or NSA (and those two could be the same).

    I would advise extreme caution here for the so-called “cure” may be far worse than the disease it claims to protect against.

  107. Ida

    Reply to this comment#56

    [@olivia b]
    Check out the screen shoots on where to enter your license key ;) This is for everyone else as well.

  108. olivia b

    Reply to this comment#55

    Crisis over! I just saw comment from Jessica #51, following her tip, and viola, registered. Had missed it before because it wasn’t there last time the page refreshed.

    Aniother fab service from Ashraf and all of you. I appreciate it. Can now go to bed untroubled. :)

    Thx, Olivia

  109. Ida

    Reply to this comment#54

    [@olivia b] When you click on DOWNLOAD IT NOW you will be directed to a page where it says to enter your e-mail after you do that you get transferred to the PLIMUS page. There you click on the exe file-you can save it on the desktop then you open it start the download and copy and paste the license. It will pop out on your desktop saying please enter the license and you can copy and paste it and that is it. I appreciate your positive feedback ;)

  110. olivia b

    Reply to this comment#53

    Thanks so much for this. The product looks good, and the discussion was great.

    I’ve downloaded the free 1 year version, but cannot for the life of me see where to put the registration number.

    All I get when I click registration is a whole purchasing screed, requiring payment.

    Could someone please advise asap, as the givewaway does not last long and I am in Australia where it’s, well, bedtime. So I’ll be gone for eight hours or so. ;)

    Many thanks.

    Olivia B

  111. Jessica Alvarez-Bell

    Reply to this comment#52

    Okay so you had already found it anyway lol. Cool.

  112. Jessica Alvarez-Bell

    Reply to this comment#51

    theatreofdreams, in the program on the right side, there are 3 tabs. Click the bottom one titled Services. When that opens up click the link to License and you will see where to add your key. :)

  113. Ida

    Reply to this comment#50

    [@theatreofdreams] Awesome!

  114. Ida

    Reply to this comment#49

    [@theatreofdreams] When you click on DOWNLOAD IT NOW you will be directed to a page where it says to enter your e-mail after you do that you get transferred to the PLIMUS page. There you click on the exe file-you can save it on the desktop then you open it start the download and copy and paste the license, or for me it automatically downloaded ;)

  115. theatreofdreams

    Reply to this comment#48

    Sr, I found where to enter the key. It works :)

  116. Ida

    Reply to this comment#47

    [@Jessica Alvarez-Bell] That is ok, no worries ;)

  117. senada58

    Reply to this comment#46

    [@Jessica Alvarez-Bell] LOL its ok ;)

  118. Jessica Alvarez-Bell

    Reply to this comment#45

    Okay I was just having a blonde moment lol. Found the correct place to enter the key and all is well. :)

  119. theatreofdreams

    Reply to this comment#44

    When I click to register, it leads me to a page to pay. So how can I input key?

  120. Jessica Alvarez-Bell

    Reply to this comment#43

    Hi, I have the program installed and I have my license key but I cannot seem to figure out where to insert the license key. The register now button leads to an order page to buy the program and nowhere can I find any hits about where to paste the key. Help please and thank you.

  121. Ida

    Reply to this comment#42

    [] Thanks for your positive feedback and you are welcome ;)

  122. Ida

    Reply to this comment#41

    [@theatreofdreams] I am glad you do! You are very welcome ;)

  123. theatreofdreams

    Reply to this comment#40

    I very love it. Thank you so much.


    Reply to this comment#39

    I’ve been using this product for over a year now, and I’ve had good results using the program. There have been zero false positives, and it does alert me when programs try to insert code into locations where keystrokes can be tracked. Appreciate the ‘extension’ to my license.

  125. Ida

    Reply to this comment#38

    [@Daniel] You are very welcome! ;)

  126. Daniel

    Reply to this comment#37

    Thank you for this :)

  127. Fedor

    Reply to this comment#36 проверил годами эффективность программы.

  128. Ida

    Reply to this comment#35

    [@hilary Elder] Thank you!

  129. Ida

    Reply to this comment#34

    [@johnbarleycorn] You are welcome ;) If you need any further information, you may refer to the Zemana website
    Thank you for downloading.

  130. Ida

    Reply to this comment#33

    [@Chris] Glad you have ;) This is free of charge ;) Enjoy using it! ;)

  131. Ida

    Reply to this comment#32

    Today we are giving away a ONE year license of Zemana AntiLogger-can be only downloaded on ONE PC only.
    Zemana AntiLogger features-Financial Malware Protection, KeyStroke Logging Protection, Screen Capture Protection, Clipboard Remote Access Protection, WebCam and Microphone Hijacking protection, System Intrustion Protection.

    The AntiLogger is your reliable line of defense against:
    The 60.000+ new pieces of malware that hit the internet every day
    Dangerous financial malware and spyware designed specifically to bypass or remain undetected by traditional security products
    Niche and custom-built malicious programs designed to steal or identity or invade your privacy

    The AntiLogger closes dangerous security loopholes present in signature-based anti-virus and anti-malware products. It is much more reliable and adds a number of essential functions when compared to encryption-based anti keylogger products.

  132. Chris

    Reply to this comment#31

    Ah, sorry for last comment.. I have it sorted now… Nice one |:-)

  133. Chris

    Reply to this comment#30

    I have tried to register the download and it wants my credit card details and is trying to charge me for £16 with no option to put in the licence key… A bit of help would be appreciated..

  134. Ida

    Reply to this comment#29

    It definitely will!

  135. Ida

    Reply to this comment#28

    [@Craig] CRAIG please stop doing this!! THIS IS NOT A LEGITIMATE LICENSE!!!!!!!!

  136. Ida

    Reply to this comment#27


    Well thanks for letting us know. We value your opinion. But I do not think we are greedy. There is no such thing as a lifetime license-sry. We offer 1/3/5 years licenses, all depends what our customers want.

  137. Ida

    Reply to this comment#26

    [@ds3303] You can only download it on ONE PC.

  138. Ida

    Reply to this comment#25

    [@Lily Maria] Thank you ;)

  139. john

    Reply to this comment#24

    thank you this program has helped i keep geting a lot of mailware on my computer hop this helps me

  140. johnbarleycorn

    Reply to this comment#23

    Thanks a lot for this nice giveaway.

  141. hilary Elder

    Reply to this comment#22

    I have had this freeware for ages and it really works well in the background; also they have a very good support, which when you consider this is a free program is a real boon.

  142. Craig

    Reply to this comment#21

    Here is a link for ten years licence. Good and working. [REMOVED by Ashraf. Reason: I'm sorry but that ten year license is not a legitimate giveaway and I can't allow a link to it on my website.]

  143. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#20

    This sale is back!

  144. marion

    Reply to this comment#19OLD COMMENT


  145. discount school supply coupon

    Reply to this comment#18OLD COMMENT

    What’s Going down i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I have discovered It absolutely helpful and it has helped
    me out loads. I am hoping to give a contribution & assist different customers like its aided me.
    Good job.

  146. ali

    Reply to this comment#17OLD COMMENT

  147. Dace1949

    Reply to this comment#16OLD COMMENT

    A tad bitchy, aren’t we? I just take things at face value and the word “free” seems to indicate to me that there should be no restrictions. Oh well…..never mind. We all have our own interpretation of that word.

  148. Lily Maria

    Reply to this comment#15OLD COMMENT

    Thank you tremendously for this awesome product! I tried it and tried again… it’s the best! 10/10! Respekt to you Zemana! Lily Maria

  149. l_mckeon

    Reply to this comment#14OLD COMMENT

    @Maximus and @Dace1949: This is a security product which like antivirus programs must be updated on a regular basis. Did you read the part about where suspect programs are referred to the cloud for further analysis? Are they supposed to run these servers forever for free?

    BTW Maximus, modern keyloggers can read the contents of the clip board, and some will take screenshots of your open, un-obfuscated notepad file as soon as you open it, so that’ idea is a bust. Passwords should be stored in a proper password manager such as the free KeePass or the commercial Sticky Password which I think was given away here recently.

    @MR2 The free license extended my 344 days remaining license to 400 days.

    Zemana is an excellent program and well worth having.

  150. trust

    Reply to this comment#13OLD COMMENT

    [@BarrysCool] Hi there. I have “no dog in this fight”, so to speak ; i.e., nothing to gain, one way or the other, from anyone’s accepting this offer or not; from using Antilogger or not. However, as a person who has benefited greatly from others’ sharing their research and knowledge, I, hereby, offer the results of my meager knowledge and research: The newest iterations of “loggers”, especially those targeted at online-banking-type transactions, not only are able to intercept keystrokes but can monitor your clipboard and can intercept data before it is encrypted even to HTTPS sites. These are such potent and nasty bits of malware that I would not forego having the sort of protection paid Zemana offers. If one reads the constant —and I do mean constant, daily, almost hourly —reports of new vulnerabilities in every OS, and of malware newly discovered by security entities, who would go online without every possible shield in place? Between 3:49 P.M. and 7:57 P.M I got ten RSS security notices from ONE source that agglomerates such data from the Net. I’m certain they did not catch and publish ALL the new threat assessments available. Take a look:

    I really don’t get the “only one-year license” complaint: Aren’t most commercial anti-malware programs based on the annual-subscription model with only a very few notable exceptions, like Malwarebytes?

  151. najah

    Reply to this comment#12OLD COMMENT


  152. BarrysCool

    Reply to this comment#11OLD COMMENT

    While I read the many comments above with interest, I can’t help but think that there is a little confusion regarding today’s offer. So for those of you who like me don’t like time limited offers Zemana do offer a truly FREE version without time restraints, HERE: It’s not the full version but it covers all aspects of Keylogging and you don’t have to worry about any expiry date.

  153. amy123

    Reply to this comment#10OLD COMMENT

    [@MR2] yes, it did on my computer.

  154. trust

    Reply to this comment#9OLD COMMENT

    [@Ashraf] Good for you, Ashraf. You are such a nice guy that I think many take it for granted. You know, as though, because you are a “public” person, you HAVE to take unwarranted, impolite, ill-informed bullshit. (Please don’t edit out.) You forgot to mention that SOMEBODY paid to produce and to offer this software; not to mention, to publish, to pay for and to maintain this site… AND to have put together the deals we eagerly gobble up for free! In your Not-Rant, you also forgot to mention that this is the ONLY site (that I’m aware of) that not only offers daily freebies but also dirt-cheap related sales, usually without install/reinstall-time limits or crazy “wrappers”.

    Keep up your great, money-saving work.

    Yeah! I’m a dotTech and SharewareOnSale fanboy and anyone who doesn’t like it can meet me in the park after school. ;-)

  155. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#8OLD COMMENT

    [@trust] Glad you like it — you are welcome!

    [@Dace1949] Free tip of the day: read before clicking. We clearly mention this is a 1-year 1-user license under the ‘Important Info’ tabs. Why, do you ask, don’t we include this information in the title? A) Because this is my website and I like it better this way and B) it forces everyone to, you know, scroll down and read that section because, after all, it has IMPORTANT information.

    Free tip of the day #2: Instead of acting like a self-entitled brat, you could say thank you. I don’t see it written anywhere that SoS and Zemana *have* to provide you Zemana AntiLogger for free. I realize that most people dislike 1-year licenses, and as do I. But something is better than nothing, and appreciating that fact goes a long way.

    I’m not saying don’t voice your opinion. Anyone that has been a long-time follower of dotTech — our sister site — knows I encourage freedom of speech. But a little thanks along with voicing your opinion is better than simply behaving like the world owes you.

    /rant over

  156. Dace1949

    Reply to this comment#7OLD COMMENT

    The “free” bit is slightly misleading, I feel. The licence is valid for one year only and can only be used on one computer. I was caught like this on another give-away site. No mention of any restrictions there either.

  157. trust

    Reply to this comment#6OLD COMMENT

    [@Maximus] Modern “keyloggers” CAN interecept logon/password field inputs even when the data is copied & pasted; and, of course, that data is not encrypted. Zemana Antilogger even enhances protection when using a GOOD password manager, especially if the site has been compromised.
    Take a read of reviews on ; ; .

    Besides, in addition to protecting against keyloggers, Zemana Antilogger protects against screen- , webcam- , clipboard-loggers as well as adding a(nother) layer of protection to Memory, the Registry and other critical areas of your system.

    Less than one month ago (unfortunately for me), I gladly renewed five subscriptions to Zemana because I realize that a security software is not a publish-and-forget product. It constantly must be improved and updated to keep ahead of or, at least, even with the “bad guys/gals” out to get us. You don’t pay once for your car insurance, do you?

    Great Product and great offer, as usual, SharewareOnSale. Thanks.

  158. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#5OLD COMMENT

    [@ds3303] Please repurchase for another license. Our server overload screwed up license distribution and sent one license to multiple people by accident.

  159. ds3303

    Reply to this comment#4OLD COMMENT

    Does’nt work. Downloaded and installed w/o a problem, but trying to activate/register it yields this error message:

    Wrong license code. You are trying to activate your product key on more computers than your current license allows.

    Have contacted Zemana- will update this if i hear back from them. Until then, will un-install pgm.

  160. Maximus

    Reply to this comment#3OLD COMMENT

    Keyloggers record keystrokes. They are straight forward and very effective, and, pure evil in the wrong hands. *But I use a good anti-virus program?* (your thinking). Well that’s just peachy, but useless against a keylogger. Once you learn it’s ability (hooks) you’ll understand why keyloggers are so vicious.

    Of the 13 keylogger programs tested (on another site), only Zemana AntiLogger and KeyScrambler Premium, passed all tests. Both are top shelf, in their field.

    Workaround – An effective no cost keylogger defense, is to store your long and complex passwords (20>30 characters) on a (example Notepad) document, and when logging in, just cut and paste. If a keylogger is watching, there’s no keyboard key strokes to record. Simple but effective. (Important – Make sure to clear your clipboard afterwards).

    Final note: Although keyloggers don’t get much press coverage, make no mistake, they pose an imminent danger and cancerous threat, and today’s offering, is an excellent defense.

    Dear Zemana,
    My only disappointment with your software, is the greedy, limited one year time license, rather than a lifetime license. I feel your pricing should be based on a customers operating system (OS), and when they upgrade (their OS), their software is prorated accordingly.

  161. MR2

    Reply to this comment#2OLD COMMENT

    Can this license extend an exisiting license?

  162. RoseD1st

    Reply to this comment#1OLD COMMENT

    This is wonderful if anything nasty gets on your PC it will keep hackers from getting your info! I paid for this on both my PCs

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