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    Have something to say about Zemana AntiLogger Premium? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Zemana AntiLogger Premium, post it here! If you know of issues with Zemana AntiLogger Premium, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Wayne K.

    Thanks to Ashraf & Zemana for this giveaway, I’ve been looking for a security product like this for our desktop.

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    This program (the free version) has served me well for many years. Many thanks to Ashraf and Zemana for offering this version.

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    Does anyone happen to know if it’s necessary to uninstall an older S.O.S. giveaway version of this program (who’s one-year functionality expired a few months ago) in order to install this latest giveaway, or can a user just install the latest offering from S.O.S. “over” the existing copy? I ask because more than once I’ve run into significant problems as a result of attempting to uninstall different security programs.

    Thanks in advance for any *truly knowledable* replies….

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    You don’t really need this, unless someone is targeting you.

    [ @Robert] First off, please use correct spelling. “knowledgeable” isn’t spelled “knowledable”. You knew that spelling was wrong, because a red line appears under incorrectly spelled words. You were so lazy that you couldn’t have taken the time to look up the correct spelling on internet, and yet you expect someone to give you a truly “knowledgeable reply”. I am not claiming to know how to spell every word in the world, either. Even I had to look up the spelling of that word. But, I did at least take the time to do it like I do with other words that are shown to be incorrectly spelled. Now, to answer your question. I can’t help you. It is not morally right to continue using this software freely, when the intent of this being free is to let try before you buy.

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    Maybe Trebor could do everyone a favor and drop dead. What an ass. This is a good product. very solid. Uses few resources for most.

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    Is this software the same as Malwarefox that was a giveaway some time back? Zemana seems to have the same exact interface and actually replaced Malewarefox with itself when I installed it! Also be sure to checkbox create restore point in settings before running a scan with this program.

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    I had this before and it worked okay on my Win 10 laptop. I am reluctant to install any time limited software now. I understand one year is a very generous trial period. But the key word is “trial”. This is not a giveaway if it expires. After the trial I will be forced to uninstall it. Why go through the effort?

    I agree with PC that Trebor’s comment was definitely out of line but there is no need to wish something so extreme for someone. Trebor just needs grow up. He clearly understood what word was meant to be used so why go on a rant?. He may be “knowledgeable” of spelling but not so much about manners and common sense.

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    Thank you both, Ashraf and Zemana, for this giveaway. Zemana AntiLogger Premium is great piece of software.
    Best regards

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    [ @PC] Everyone is targeting you, whether you can see it or not! And do you really have to be a douche and climb down people’s throats because they misspelt a word?

    Thanks, Ashraf and Zemana. Going to give this a whirl and see who’s snooping on me.

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    [ @PC] Sorry PC, my reply was meant for Trebor. Apologies.

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    Thank you Ashraf!

    This software company from what I understand has had a fallen out with it main chief programmer and parted ways. That’s not to say it isn’t any good. I’m just saying it’s not what it was which was great in the past. It’s at it’s best in my opinion a SECOND OPINON SCANNER but not to be used for real time protection option right now. There is a new Beta version out. I suspect this freebie is to get a collective going to examine various things where files go so they can build up a new database to restart the Zemana name considering their main programmer from what I heard left and was the one in the KNOW where all that stuff goes… I DUNNO, Just my opinion, and opinions I have read NOT FACT!

    Either way, I think I’ll pass on this one. All protection software at the very least should say “THIS IS ALL YOU NEED” or not be so speculative on it’s purpose. I can see this company changing names in the very soon future. Because for one thing, so many customer complaints that purchased the software while they give away license after license and then turned off the online scan cloud. I don’t trust this company anymore, who’s to say they actually turned the CLOUD scan back on ya know?

    Either way, thank’s for the offer Ashraf!!!

    What we all really would like to see, is a SHADOW DEFENDER lifetime offer! I’d buy it, but I’m sick and broke and can’t hardly make it to the toilet these days. Maybe it will happen in the future.

    Thanks again………..

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    Peter Z

    Thanks. It’s great gift from Sharewareonsale.com.

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    How do I register to get the free version. It says trial version.

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    As far as I know 1 year = 365.2422 days. Upon entering the license code Zemana Antilogger reports 355 days left. You owe me 10.2422 days. ;)

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