Here on SharewareOnSale we conduct daily sales of shareware Windows software (aka software you would normally have to pay to use). Each day we feature a new sale, and the price of each sale varies depending on the software being sold. Some sales may be freebie giveaways (i.e. $0); some sales may be heavily discounted sales ranging from 50% off to 99% off. The price of each sale depends on the negotiations that takes place between us and developers, but no other website offers better deals than us.

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SharewareOnSale was started by Ashraf, the same person who has been running dotTech — a leading technology blog — since October 2008. The idea behind SharewareOnSale is to provide enticing daily sales to users who would otherwise not purchase shareware programs. We do this by offering shareware Windows software at extremely low prices.

SharewareOnSale is purely a digital company with no physical headquarters anywhere. As such, we have no address or phone number to give you. However, if you want to contact us, you can shoot an email to admin [at] sharewareonsale [dot] com.

Oh, and if you are worried about us stealing your financial information: don’t be worried, because we only accept PayPal. That means we never see your credit or debit card number — you simply pay with your PayPal account, and that is that.