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>”Could someone kindly advise me on how to launch DVDFab Enlarger AI, please?”

This is what I am guessing is the way to start Enlarger AI:
After DVDFab is started, add a video.
Click on the icon across the top labeled Launchpad.
A long list of programs is listed. On the left side, look for Video Converter. There are two choices. One is labeled “Enlarge Lo-res videos.” The description text implies that this is the Enlarger AI program. Click on it.
Now, the main window is set to convert the video you selected to a higher resolution.

The program takes a while, and at least creates the start of the output video file.

In my case, the program always crashed. The crash dialog allows the user to describe what they were doing, and the “Attach log files” checkbox is already selected. I received a response that some of the log files were missing, and they supplied a list of log files to send. Only two of the files requested existed, so I sent those two log files. The next response was that the program only works on Windows 10. I had tested it on a Windows 7 Pro PC, Intel i7 CPU, 16G RAM. I have no problem with other conversion programs.

It would be interesting to see if anyone can run Enlarge AI in the manner I described, and successfully create a valid video output.