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    Have something to say about DVDFab Enlarger AI? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than DVDFab Enlarger AI, post it here! If you know of issues with DVDFab Enlarger AI, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    I followed the instructions. Downloaded the software from sharewareonsale. Installed it. But when came time to authorize, it wasn’t on the DVDFab 12 list. Further, the DVDFab Enlarger AI software didn’t even install on my hard drive. I uninstalled DVDFab12 twice, and reinstalled. Same thing. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

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    I looked at the registration marathon described on the ‘how to register’ website. I tried several times to get this thing going, without avail.
    A company who creates such mess for simply registering a test version definitively does not like its customers. Especially not new ones.

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    i think ist fake , i folowed the instructions but there is nowhere to activated it its just a sales trick😒😒😒😒😒i am verry disappointed and frustrated

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    Hi I’m having trouble I keep telling me. Invalid serial number.

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    I decided to download and install this product thinking it could help on my videos. After downloading, installing and booting the software, I realized it is strictly for dvds. During the installation, I noticed that my Windows Defender stopped the program for allowing it to the company to make contact through my wifi. I allowed access. That of course bothered me. After following all the directions to a T, I did not have any trouble getting the software installed and registered and my creating an account. After reading all of the complaints, I am wondering if you realize that this software only works on 64 bit computers. That may be some of your problems. That is stated in the info on Ashraf’s page prior to getting to the download page. Anyway, since it is only for dvds and especially since I allowed access, I decided to uninstall the software but this is not due to any installation problems. Thank you anyway Ashraf.

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    [ @Peter]
    OK, forget about registration. I overlooked the fact that this is just a plug-in for their major copy / converter programs. Since I do not need one of those, this one is useless…

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    Not work. At the DVDFab page saying have license to 2022-08-13 but when Authorize in Video Enchacer AI he say: 5/5 videos left in Trial mode…

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    Deal page says “You get free updates for one year.” When I started it said there was an update available, so I updated, and now it’s only a trial of 5 videos.

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    DOES NOT WORK! I install but there is no program. only one label remains.!

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    Tim Dallacqua

    I spent a lot of time attempting to auth this program (DVDFab Enlarger AI) which I am very excited about. However, I think I followed instructions but I opened the program and got the menu and pressed auth. I put in my email and password and it says “5/5 videos left in Trial mode”. Please help

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    Gerald Bernardini

    try to download software. no files except temps and uninstalls were there. PC meets all the requirements of the software.

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    [ @Ashraf] AFTER installing, it “could not find DVDFab12”, even tho the website said installation complete LOL. Maybe we should have another page within SOS called “beta giveaways”? Download was 210MB, install was 12kb, I love these reverse compression programs aren’t they neat? Prove you’re not a robot by finding 7 motorbikes etc, I’m sure a robot could not do that LOL. But hang on, the Terminator was cyborg and he found a motorbike!

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    [ @Stu] I’ve left a support notice with the makers of DVDFab12, their download DOES install, but the SOS one doesn’t install properly. I have registered and authorized (activated) the product, but it still doesn’t run.

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    Is there any real use for this, even if it “worked” ?
    Most, if not all, photo enhancers, don’t, so it is not surprising that this video thing is practically useless.

    Better things out there. There is always one dud every so often.

    Have faith.

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