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    TL,DNR: I gave it an honest try. Message from mardel gave me hope that it might be possible. I’ve installed hundreds of programs and almost all have installed and run fine. Not this one. Not this company. Stay away. DVDFab, maybe you can learn something from my message below, I’ll never know.

    Registration Part 1
    “Provide the serial number and fill in the contact information” – except you need to enter a verification code and hit submit before you can fill in any contact information.
    Verification code: is it 1802, 186Z, 18oZ, 1867? Beats me. Looks like I’ll get to play a free guessing game for a while.
    Ok, I filled in everything and clicked the final submit button on the third screen A message popped up saying I could either wait 3 seconds or click to return to the starting screen. Yes, I would LOVE to do this fun process again. Before I had a chance to see if it was telling me of an error in my information, the starting screen reappeared. I must have guessed the wrong verifications code.
    Verification code: is it 2985, 2968, 2960, 2980, 2988? Beats me. Looks like I’ll get to play the free guessing game for a while longer.
    Ok, while puzzling over why I need to go through all this again, I got the email they promised. Oops, instructions in the email are different from those on the SOS page. And the download link is different. And the program described in the email is DVDFab 12. Anyway, I now have a second installation path I can follow. This second path may come in handy if the first path fails. So many games and options and I haven’t even downloaded this thing yet.
    Alright, I’m on the account registration page. It wants a Username and Password. I don’t think I entered a Username before, just my first & last name. I’ll try creating a new Username and Password.
    Entered all that and got an error message that the “input length must be from 6 to 16 characters”. I checked all my entries. Ah, my email is 19 characters. So is the password I entered. Well, it’s not easy to shorten my email and they seemed to accept it in previous screens. Must be the password they don’t like. Back to my password manager, edit PW and save again, and paste shorter PW in registration screen. Why didn’t they list password rules on the screen? If they come back with a “Password needs to contain a special character” message I think I’ll give up. I don’t have a middle finger in my character set.
    Cool, user account registration was accepted. Said I would be redirected to a login page in 3 seconds. More like 7 or 8. That’s good (even if it was wrong) because it took me a few seconds to read all that.

    Registration Part 2
    Downloaded .HUB file from SOS. Ran it to get the install program. Checked with MalwareBytes. One thought: I wish they spent even half the time testing and fixing their instructions as they did animatimg the backgrounnd graphics in the installer. I’ll hopefully only see that animation once, but I’ll remember the install process for a long time. It’s odd that it installs to a DVDFab 12 folder, I wonder what happens if I should ever install the DVDFab 12 program? Install program finished and asked if I want to “Start DVDFab 12”. I guess they save a lot of money by using the same email and installer and installation directory for all their programs.
    Hey, price of buying this went up $1.00 to $90.99. Someone should tell Ashraf.
    I told installer to go ahead and start DVDFab 12. It did. Program name is even DVDFab 12. Right away I got an error message saying “Username or Password is incorrect. please check it.” What an odd message, since I didn’t enter one yet. Ok, I’ll go check to see what – I – did wrong.
    I clicked OK button, and was shown a box to enter my email and password. The email was already filled in as “gotd_dvdcreator@vidus.cn”. Who knows what the password was. I really don’t appreciate getting error messages caused by the process. And it’s odd that the installer knew my email and pw but could not tell the main program.
    Ok, “This computer was authorized successfully!” I thought I was authorizing a program to run on my PC. WOW, a LONG list of programs appeared, two of them activated: Enlarger AI and HD Decryptor which I can only assume the Enlarger AI program needs to run. And I still haven’t clicked any Authorize button. I clicked “Close” button on the list screen and the list disappeared for a second, then reappeared with new buttons at the bottom: “Authorize” and “Start DVDFab”. I wonder whatever happened to the instructions about clicking Authorize at the top-right corner of the menu, or Authorize next to the Minimize button? I’m tempted to click “Start DVDFab” just to see if was somehow installed…. but no, I’m here on a mission to see if I can actually install and run this program when so many others have failed.
    I clicked “Authorize”. It took me back to the same Username/Password screen from before. I think I’m in a loop here. Ok. let’s try again. At least it already has my correct email address. Filled in my password (I think that’s 6 or 7 times now?). Got the list of programs again, only button available is “Start DVDFab”. Clicked it. Got a “time limited” offer to buy ALL DVDfab modules for 40% off, but damn it’s late and I only get 2 hours to test the program and see if I like it enough to buy the rest. Sorry, DVDFab, your Marketing Ultimatum is seen as negative by me, instead of the gold mine you intended. 2 hours to decide to spend $100 or more? I guess your customers come from wealthier backgrounds than I do. Make me feel good about your products and I might buy more. Pressure me to gamble my hard-earned money and you lose a customer.
    When the smoke cleared from that failed ad campaign, I was left with a screen asking my to choose a module to continue: Copy, Ripper, Converter, Creator. In the dark grey text in upper left corner I can see “DVDFab X64”. So apparently the SOS hub program downloaded DVDFab 12, and NOT the Enarger AI program. And the program is forcing me to pick an option I don’t want, won’t even let me get to an exit button or “About”. I picked Copy, then got asked to pick a Copy Mode. ENOUGH. Killing program with Task Manager, Uninstalling, deleting my user account, never to try ANYTHING again from DVDFab. Sorry folks, you waste 2 hours of my time only to install the wrong program…. Yeah, I could try the installation path offered in your email, but I’ve seen too much incompetence at EVERY step of this install process to trust your products on my PC. On the positive side, the email and install path and other things saying DVDFab 12 were all correct.

    Registration Part 3
    This appears to be a different wording of Registration Part 2. Why would I need to go through all that again. Don’t worry, you won’t get this far.

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    [ @Mr.Dave] Sorry I forgot to include details of my PC, in case anyone thinks I’m running Win XP on a 16-bit Gateway PC from 2004.
    It’s a Dell 8910, Win 10/64 Home, 16 GB RAM, 55 GB free on the SSD I installed this into. Bitdefender Internet Security (no warnings from it during install – no firewall alerts, no malware alerts). GTX 750 Ti graphics card. Yes, it’s almost 5 years old but still runs great.

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    Thom Stewart

    I’m having the same problem as many other respondents. The file that is downloaded and installed is DVDCopy, not DVDFab Enlarger AI. I, too, am still getting the trial 5 videos message. Is there any possibility to fix this?


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    [ @Tim Dallacqua]
    Please send the email address you used for authorization to this email vaincess@dvdfab.cn. Thanks.

    [ @Peter]
    Please give me the email address you want to authorize to vaincess@dvdfab.cn and I’ll deal with it. Thanks.

    [ @Dang] Please send a screenshot to vaincess@dvdfab.cn and I’ll ask our technical staff to deal with it.

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    [@Demiel] Could you please send me your email for activation and let me check if it’s been activated correctly. If not, I’ll solve it and license the email directly.

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    [@Thom Stewart] Please send the email you use to authorize to vaincess@dvdfab.cn and I’ll check if your email is licensed correctly. Thanks.

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    [ @Mr.Dave] Sorry for the inconvenience. Would you please send the email you use to authorize to vaincess@dvdfab.cn and I’ll help you license it directly. About the complicated registration and installation process, we’re planning to simplify it and it will be solved this week. Thanks.

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    I followed the instructions. Downloaded the software from sharewareonsale. Installed it. But when came time to authorize, it wasn’t on the DVDFab 12 list. Further, the DVDFab Enlarger AI software didn’t even install on my hard drive. I uninstalled DVDFab12 twice, and reinstalled. Same thing. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

    I had similar issues…. But mine says its Registered and Activated until 2022-08-17 in the DVD Fab list. But when I go to use it it’s stating TRIAL VERSION and I only have 2 more free goes at it….

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    I followed the registration instructions. They did not send an activation email “immediately” or later. But ads for their other programs were sent. I have no way to activate it.

    Uninstalled, but they have my email address now.

    Not Good.

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    Be careful when installing ,quickly choose the slightly greyed-out “custom install”
    and then decline to join “the customer user experience”.
    Do this before install countdown finishes or it will sign you up without clearly telling you !!
    scummy behaviuor.
    Also you can’t just enter the licesnce key .
    I deleted this scammy program before going any further.

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    licesnce = license

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    Could someone kindly advise me on how to launch DVDFab Enlarger AI, please?

    I’ve tried following the advice offered here. i.e. “Click the Enlarger AI option to launch it.”, but all that does is open the DVDFab webpage.

    I’ve checked and can assure you that my copy of Enlarger AI is activated until 2022-08-18.

    I thank you in advance that someone will be able to help me.


    P.S. Sorry, but I couldn’t post without selecting a rating … an idiotic thing to request if you’re not able to get a program to launch.

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    larry kruck

    I followed the instructions. But never got 3th email on how to set password
    like so many others, registration does nor work.

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    >”Could someone kindly advise me on how to launch DVDFab Enlarger AI, please?”

    This is what I am guessing is the way to start Enlarger AI:
    After DVDFab is started, add a video.
    Click on the icon across the top labeled Launchpad.
    A long list of programs is listed. On the left side, look for Video Converter. There are two choices. One is labeled “Enlarge Lo-res videos.” The description text implies that this is the Enlarger AI program. Click on it.
    Now, the main window is set to convert the video you selected to a higher resolution.

    The program takes a while, and at least creates the start of the output video file.

    In my case, the program always crashed. The crash dialog allows the user to describe what they were doing, and the “Attach log files” checkbox is already selected. I received a response that some of the log files were missing, and they supplied a list of log files to send. Only two of the files requested existed, so I sent those two log files. The next response was that the program only works on Windows 10. I had tested it on a Windows 7 Pro PC, Intel i7 CPU, 16G RAM. I have no problem with other conversion programs.

    It would be interesting to see if anyone can run Enlarge AI in the manner I described, and successfully create a valid video output.

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    Ni Bo

    Bitte die Angebote des Betrügers rausnehmen! Sie wollen nur die Benutzerdaten ausspionieren. Sie hoffen auch, dass die Nutzer alle überteuerten Programmteile kaufen, denn man kann mit dem Programm nichts anfangen, da man die anderen Programmteile, welche im Programmpaket nur Testversionen sind, unbedingt benötigen!

    Please take out the scammers’ offers! They just want to spy on the user data. They also hope that users will buy all the overpriced parts of the program, because you can’t do anything with the program because you absolutely need the other parts of the program, which are only test versions in the program package!

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