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@Christopher Hi :)
Thank you for you reply
3) That is great! I didn’t understand that, the policy on the front page was not clear.
4) Perfect!! Your app is even more interesting than I thought

N.B.1: I *finally* managed to buy 2 licenses !!! Boy, was that complicated !!! Somehow, one is *not* allowed to buy more than one at a time!! In the end, had to use 2 different PayPal accnts. Grrrr :(
Anyway, it is done now, but you should look into it, other people might just give up midway and you lose sales, without even knowing it …
N.B.2: Now, for the laughs … When you said “The license works w any of the 4 flavours”, it left me perplexed. Could not figure out what it could possibly mean. English is only my 3rd language, certain subtleties escape me. Took awhile, but finally got it! Then laughed out loud, cause actually t’was funny the way you said it!! It is clear, once you get it.
Hope this makes you smile, imagining my brain going all over the place, totally puzzled!!! :D

Danke, Obrigada, Merci, Gracias
Have a great day!