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Dear Ash :)
Hope all is well
When will the promise you made, MANY moons ago(!!!), to add an ‘Edit’ feature to our posts, will actually arrive? Even if it had just a ½ hr delay, it wd really help! Me waiting ;)

Also, it wd b really nice if you could improve the “Policy” text, and maybe make it a bit more clear & prominent.
And, a few times, the company’s actual Policy was different from the one stated in the offer page, (like the one from SerialSafe). And I would really appreciate if the mention ‘Hardware Activation’ is stated, if/when that is the case, as that is quite important in a decision to when/where to install.

Peace ;)
N.B.: Since this msg has nothing to do w the sw offered, you can just delete this post. Ciao!