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Nick H

[@AlomWare] I tried installing this on a Win 7 64-bit system yesterday. I see a desktop icon and another one in the system tray, there are entries in the start menu too. No matter which item I click on, left and right clicks, nothing whatsoever happens other than a small window stating that there may be a more up to date version of the software available. I restarted the system, then uninstalled and re-installed the program, then restarted the PC again, noting happens still.

I install my software on a different partition to the OS on C:\, could that be anything to do with the issue?

– the hub downloader didn’t work for me yesterday again, I downloaded it manually instead, which makes more sense to me anyway as the hub download is approximately twice the size of the actual program. The hub has no method to select a different location other than the c:\ ‘Download’ folder, which I don’t use for anything. I want to have control over what happens. Why does the hub think that it can decide what to do on my computer? If the hub is the only way to download software from SOS from now on, could the users have the option to choose where to download please? I’ve seen other comments along these lines, particularly from people with small SSD drives who don’t want endless programs self-selecting to install and download on drives that the users want to keep solely for the OS. Recently the option of the notifier has not been there whenever I’ve downloaded any of the interesting software that you offer here, it re-appeared today. I didn’t install it as I don’t want it, the email notifications and website inform me well enough.