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    Have something to say about 100 GB lifetime cloud storage with Zoolz? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than 100 GB lifetime cloud storage with Zoolz, post it here! If you know of issues with 100 GB lifetime cloud storage with Zoolz, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    installed, but not working, cant register, im from poland
    “Unfortunately, this offer is currently not available in your country.

    We’re working hard to add more countries. Once this offer is made available in your country, we’ll let you know!”

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    It won’t work on my iMac or iPhone or android
    I don’t want to lose
    I have a iPhone 6 128 gb and I use to have the 5 64 with more pictures videos etc and it says that I have to pay for more memory I find Is a crock.

    I use to love androids but got use to iPhone and this is un heard of to pay when I have more on my 5 and still can use wifi to download much more now I have have double and they say I’m going to lose my stuff but having issues with your site and I don’t want to lose free deal please and thank you.

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    Robert Bamford

    I created an account through the downloaded offer and it appears that I am only getting 50GB Instant backup space rather
    than 100GB, and there is a 14-day trial occurring.

    Am I missing something? If I don’t get this figured out ASAP I will just uninstall it.
    Feels like a gimmick. Why so convoluted to get the offer?

    If it is only 100GB of ‘Cold’ storage, why doesn’t it say this ANYWHERE in the whole offer?
    And why does it show any trial if this offer is supposed to be for a lifetime license?

    Thanks for any insights and help that is offered.

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    Robert Bamford

    [@Robert Bamford]
    Well, I confirmed from support that the offer is for 100GB of ‘Cold’ Storage, which should have been made clear in the offer.
    The Trial for was 50GB of Instant storage which would have disappeared after the trial.
    Was hoping to find something that would have been useful to me, but cold storage isn’t that.
    Maybe they will provide an offer for 50GB-100GB of Instant Storage free for lifetime. That would have been useful.

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    Great Deal!

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    I had a problem to activate the software, but after download the software from the Dashboard and browser site and uninstall the first one had no problem to enter and activate.

    (Time ago I did use the paid version (1/2 TB), but this they have closed after some month after I paid the life subscription, but there was the possibility to reverse it to another company, but then you was needed to pay ??)

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    где русская локализация!!! вражины! в чёрный список Genie9!!!

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    Paul Harris

    Fantastic offer and everything is working as mentioned. Thank you very much. keep up the good work.

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    merci infiniment c’est très gentil de votre part

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    This Best WebSite – This Message Writed Real Human Not Bot

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    [ @Ashraf] Awesome! Everything working well! Thank you! :)

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    Very good offer.

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    bonsoir, merci vraiment c’est magnifique zoulz cloud

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    It has trustpilot badge on its main webpage – means it can not be trusted. Truly reputable business does not need such cheap tricks .

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