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    [@mardel] This is not a 14-day trial. Have you used Zoolz before? Have you tried a different email address? What country are you in?

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    No sirve para nada, solo deja sincronizar un ordenador y si intentas otro ordenador desconecta el primero y no lo deja volver a sincronizarse. Es mas fácil perder los archivos que tenerlos a salvo con este sistema. La aplicación para Android solo deja ver los archivos nada de poder subirlos. Una perdida de tiempo total.

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    Who have a guarantee to up service after 10+ years ? Or what shall can you store in 100gb after 10year :)

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    Leo Elsinga

    I am living in Spain and registration flawless, i have indeed 100 GB cold space, that means you cannot access your data directly, you have to wait a couple of hours before download. This is perfect for data you don´t wanna loose think about important photos and videos, they are save live time!

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    Mark Z.

    This was a waste of time. I wanted extra storage to use on my Chromebook. It seems the web interface to storing and retrieving files is an extra that is not included in this offer. When I click on the web app link on this site, I just get their home page, with no easy navigation or search to find how to use it on a Chromebook. I also used a search engine, and the Chrome Web Store, where I found an app that just loaded the same web page that gave me no way to upload or download files. Useless for me. My windows computers all have many terabyte drives, so 100Gb isn’t going begin to back them up. Maybe I’ll try it on my Android phone, but there is little there I didn’t transfer from my PC. This is more a Windows small backup tool, and not what I would call real cross-platform cloud storage.

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    it’s works with canada VPN server

    i use free version VPN

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    2.4kb/s download… the best cloud storage!

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    [@HarFanG] The 14 day trial period is on the dashboard of the account you create at the web site. If you go to the website and sign into your account, it takes you to the dashboard where it states 14 day trial period.

    I went also on my account page, and didn’t see “14 days thingy”. I guess if it was here, I would have see it.

    Anyway, as I found this offer isn’t “user convenient” for me, I deleted my account since my last post here.

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    Elmar Steigenberger

    you didnt use the link on swosale’s site. Click this link, you will have lifetime

    I am from Germany and it works great!

    To the not workings: Use tor browser and you can use it!

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    I keep getting the message “Someone already has that email. Try another?”. I would think that is obvious since that’s my email that I used to sign up on their web site so I could register this offer.

    Anyone got a clue what to do about this?

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    This is a 100% scam – not available for your country, and what’s happen with those emails used in registration?!

    Isn’t it easy to tell what countries are supported?

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    Felix Crevat

    It works great for me so far, but one thing to be aware of is Zoolz will examine the file names you are backing up and block files or even close your account if their file name scanner suspects possible copyright violation: https://www.bestvpn.com/avoid-zoolz-bac … e-privacy/)

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    it’s not available in your country.. posting from UE

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    pham dang hung

    The best place to store my photo , video … thanks

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    I STRONGLY suggest that you list the countries in which it works
    and specifically inform us if it does not work in your Domain
    Country (US) – which it does NOT — or don’t waste our time and

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