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    @Everyone: Anyone having issues can try the offline installer — I just added it as a download link, please grab it again from us for the download.

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    I get the same thing as W.MP. with the message:
    “Windows Installer Installation Wrapper”
    Setup was unable to find the msi package or patch @ http://www.ability.com/ab6/cabs/6014/AbilitySTD6_FR.msi

    I tried without the Firewall or Antivirus, but got the same results.

    So I downloaded the mentioned file, but attempting to execute it also runs into trouble, reporting that it cannot find <location of setup file>ability6.cab (in the directory that the setup file is executed from). Retrying is fruitless, so the only option is to Cancel (Annuler). The setup does not ask for the user’s preferred language, so part of the text is in French, and some in English. Looks like this could be a good program to test out when the install issues get smoothed out.

    The developer should be getting active in this board with some answers if they want some testing of their product.

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    Serious Bob

    Not going to give this a try at all based on reviews.

    If this software was a “Database” and or “Categorize” software only and concentrating on that, I’d be giving it a try. There are too many of these out there already these day’s, freebies that can compete with Microsoft Office. So I have to question “Why bother” ya know?

    A program that was for Database and Categorizing, or say perhaps something someone could use for doing inventory of their household items for Insurance purposes and such things might be handy. Too much excess with this one that I don’t need.

    That is my Review…….


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    Thank you for this great program!

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    This program may be installed on PC2 after installation and activation on PC1 (aka MOVED from one PC to another)? Or installed on the same PC when change/re-install OS? If the answer is NO, I do not bother with it.

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    Activation code C24ZF-97G2F incorrect – Windows 8.1.
    What to do ?

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    Phil Roach

    [ @W.MP]


    There are a number of reasons why install can fail – a simple one is your temp folder is full so there is no space to hold the files the installer needs. Unfortunately, Windows doesn’t deal with this situation well. The best way forward is to follow the instructions for our “zip install”:


    Ability Support

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    Do you have an offline Zip install file for the Pro version? If so, I’m interested.

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    I too would be interested if there is an offline installer that does not require Internet connection to install, or run.

    However, after seeing multiple questions with no answers it is unlikely to hear anything about this possibility.

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