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    Have something to say about AceMovi Video Editor 4? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than AceMovi Video Editor 4, post it here! If you know of issues with AceMovi Video Editor 4, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Register and not register…

    It did register at first, or so it said. When starting it again and doing a litte editing and exporting it said it is not registered and indeed there was a watermark in the video ! WTF ?

    Can not register it again because it says the registration info in wrong (or something like that) !

    Useless !!!

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    Registration requires an email. What’s the name of the email?

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    Registration info is invalid

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    Devesh Prabhu

    Gives the message “Registration info is invalid”

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    José Di Siervi

    This site is losing credibility because there are always registration issues with various software offered. It was good that effective steps were taken to end or minimize these issues so as not to further affect sharewareonsale.com. Unfortunately.

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    Had no problem with installing and registering the program at all.

    I imported two images and then exported as MP4, no watermark whatsoever.

    Maybe i am the lucky one here?

    For my usage cases it will be more than enough, i don’t do much with such editors anyway except for creating slideshows with music or making music videos with some effects.

    I put my own e-Mail and it registered fine.

    [ @José Di Siervi]
    I’m using this site for years and registration issues were kinda very rare, not the norm at all. And if there were registration issues, they usually have been fixed in one day and i didn’t miss out on a offer.

    Most of the time when there are issues with registration is when the copied license key contains hidden spaces, usually i copy to Notepad first, remoce spaces before and after and then copy and paste from Notepad into the field for registration, that was often the case with SoftOrbits products, one hidden space makes the key invalid.

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    It seems, that I’m the second lucky one. Easy activation with own email and positive results, when testing it. Absolutely no issues. By the way, I never had any problems with activating sos giveaways – NEVER! Because I was curious, why some wise guys have problems, I tried to activate the trial setup from AceMovi’s website with the sos license code, and behold, I got a registration error (what I expected). You have to install the giveaway-setup, then register it with the sos registration code plus any email-address, and everything will be fine.

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    No problems activating here neither.Ace Movi works very well on my older laptop with 1280×720 mp4 files from a digital camera.Only been testing for an hour but without crashes.The editor appear to include many features to play with, where I also think editing is done on proxy files (low resolution copies) for benefit of older machines.So just what I need, and thank you to the company :)

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    Jessen Daniel

    [@Cucut] well yours

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    Jessen Daniel

    [ @MV]

    Shareware on sale Really thank you very much for all the free programs that You give away, I am a student and I do not have the resources to buy the programs at the moment, these programs that you give us, help me to do my homework better. Someday I will be able to pay for the programs when I already work and have money. Thanks for everything.

    Daniel Sánchez Toriz

    Greats from México!!

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    Antony Olive

    [ @Ashraf] Thank you for this Very good program, compatible with all good expensive video editors at there.
    Easy standard registration and easy to work with. Probably I’m another luck one.

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    No problem with the registration here

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    Register and not register…

    It did register at first, as I said earlier, but only with firewall OFF.

    It works until I clean the machine with Ccleaner. Then it is unregistered again.
    I always run Ccleaner right after I have installed a program…

    So to all you wise guys who got it registered and use it: do not start to clean your computer ever or You may loose it.

    All the rest of You should ask the author to fix this…

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    very good and understandable program, completely sufficient for my needs, I recommend

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