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    I downloaded the program, started it and entered the code. The version that is there, is nothing like the instructions on the site, I only have two buttons at the top, edit and split screen. When I go to the site to read the instructions on how to use the program, theirs looks nothing like mine does. Mine offers no way to download anything, or do much of anything other than edit a file that is perhaps already on my computer? I am very confused and disappointed at this point. I most probably will delete the program off of my computer as this is a totally useless program as it is. I did try to edit a video that was on my computer, and had absolutely no luck with that at all.

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    @Gail Thanks for your post.
    I recently had major problems with another one of Ace Thinker’s video product giveaways and experienced major frustration with hanging and not being able to complete it’s prime function of Exporting my edited video! I deleted it.

    I was considering trying this product but given your complaint it sounds like something is either not been designed correctly or it has been “crippled” somehow. I’ll pass on this one too.

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    I just downloaded and installed the program.
    There’s only “edit” and a “split screen”-buttons on top of the window in stead of “convert”, “download”, “record” and “make mv” as shown in the tutorial.
    What did go wrong?

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    [ @Peter] Thank you Peter and Barry for your replies. I had gotten a migraine with trying to figure this program out. This is the first program that has actually made me sick. I do wish that the program would have at least worked for others, but at this point, I think their giveaway program is just to give a crippled program out, even though it was only for the 6 months, in hopes that people would go ahead and purchase the full program, which makes no sense, because if you are going to give people a six month trial to see if they would like to purchase the program, why on earth would you give them something that did not work. I don’t think I would trust to give them my money or my banking information.

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