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    Have something to say about AeroAdmin PRO? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than AeroAdmin PRO, post it here! If you know of issues with AeroAdmin PRO, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Rony Me

    The license didnt work. Stay License: Free

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    Rony Me

    I fixed it with Kill Service and open it again.

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    kill service ? explain please for us dummies

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    I use Aeroadmin already. It is similar to Teamviewer, but I find that less-savvy customers usually are more able to download and start aeroadmin. It is a fantastic alternative to LogmeIn and Teamviewer, which we share at work. I have also tried Zoho Assist, but that program was wonky and I would frequently lose mouse or keyboard access. LogMeIn usually is at a higher resolution, so items are too small for my poor eyesight, but it works with Mac and Windows. Teamviewer also works well across platforms.
    The advantages for Aeroadmin:
    * Aeroadmin has the cleanest interface
    * My customers are more successful at starting aeroadmin (it takes less time)
    * If the customer no longer wants a remote control program on the computer, they can drag and drop aeroadmin into the trash
    The disadvantages:
    * It doesn’t work on a Mac. I use a Mac….
    I found one trick:
    If you want to set it up for remote access on a computer,
    1. click on Connection in the upper left
    2. Click on Services (it will now automatically run at startup)
    3. Select Access Rights
    4. Click the green Plus button
    5. Type in your ip (Your ID) in the top textbox
    6. Create a name
    7. Create a password
    8. Click OK. Now you can log in later if they have further questions, as long as you know their ID.

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    Thank you for this great program!

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    Fuckyou Assraft

    Well where the fuck did it install too? I checked C:\Programfiles and C:\programfiles(x86) I checked the Root of C come on then where is the little Assraft cocksucker hiding??? For real you fucking wankers, the god damn thing is no place to be found. It’s like hunting for crabs in your mums bush that she has not shaved in over 30 years.

    Now you can’t even download the shit fucking thing, for sure another assraft fuck up for sure ya nigger.

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    The registration procedure provided does NOT work. The ‘Send’ button keeps grey out with the recipient and content entered as directed.
    The problem lies in the given recipient ‘noreply@aeroadmin.com’. When I tried another recipient ‘free.plus’, which is another kind of upgrade, the ‘Send’ button turns into functional.

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    Hey man chill out! The installer they use is a bit funky but it works, if you check the little box during install. OR just download the program from aeroadmin.com! click the big blue button and save it, follow the registration instructions and close and reopen the aeroadmin.exe watch it turn to pro. Thanks sharewareonsale.com!

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    Carl R.

    ▬► The interface is a ROYAL PAIN for the visually impaired. My accessibility software doesn’t function when the interface is open, no indicator or POP UPS to tell one what the button is. The whole interface is so small and difficult to see, it’s a nightmare for us MAGOO GUYS. Actually, the screen magnifier in my accessability software doesn’t function either!
    I suggest making the interface using WINDOWS SCHEME EQUAL, in other words, have it use windows screen colors and font sizes. That would be a ►HUGE◄ HELP!
    Thanks ☺

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    When I click the SiMS button it opens a window out of the area of my display and won’t allow me to move it into view.

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    The license didnt work. Stay License: Free

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    Downloaded, installed and followed the instructions on how to register it. But after 5 attemps to register and restarts, its still on its FREE License status.

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    [@Kreela] It’s not actually “Kill Service”. Should be “Terminate process”. Start “Task Manager” and look for AeroAdmin.exe. Bring your mouse selector to it then click “End Process”.

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    Sorry… My reply was intended for “Thom” not for you. :)

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