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    Have something to say about All Image Downloader Pro? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than All Image Downloader Pro, post it here! If you know of issues with All Image Downloader Pro, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Avast won’t allow All Image Downloader Pro.exe to run, says it is malware FileRepMalware [PUP].
    False positive?

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    Heimo Hammer

    [ @random] PUP means Potential Unwanted Program. It is not a threat detection. Actually, I don’t think Avast has the authority to determine which program is wanted or unwanted by us.

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    Hi Shrewareonsale

    The program All Image Downloader is asking for an email along with the activation key, it does not accept my email.
    Please can you advise

    Many thanks!
    Kelvin Bown

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    After entering my email and the provided license key, it stated LICENSE KEY INVALID

    So hopefully you guys could shed some light as to what actually is the problem.

    Thank you

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    Jonathan Myers


    Same issue here. Cannot activate software with provided license key.

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    Worked for me. I just used the email I applied with and that password. But Avast complained and although I made it an exception it wouldn’t start, so I temporarily disabled Avast and everything worked fine. Maybe you need to do likewise, but the question remains, why?

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    [ @Ashraf]
    I also got the Avast warning about this prog having malware, a PUP, attached to it. What’s going on, Ashraf?

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    Thanks to those of you who commented on the PUP warnings.

    When a program includes “extras” without telling me up front, I won’t install it. It’s probably just ads, but how do I know? And are these ads something that shows inside the program window when I start it (which I don’t mind) or do they replace legitimate ads in my browser, or do they pop up in some form of notification? I quit using ALL IoBit software years ago because they started acting like a virus – redirecting web pages, popping up ads or “better” prices on my desktop, all without telling me they were doing it. If you destroy my trust, you’ll NEVER get it back. Too many alternatives to worry about you.

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    activation error. if insert valid email, return an litle squar, with ok button, no message. if insert a stupid text, return an message to insert valid email…..

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    This program’s installer tries to set up a server that requires administrator privileges, which causes Microsoft Windows to display a warning prompt asking the user if they will allow the breech. If it is not granted, then a dialog is displayed stating that the program cannot get the authorization it needs to install.

    If I can go to a webpage and see the images, why would I need administrator privileges to download the image? If the downloader program wants to do more, then it could prompt me when I reach that webpage.

    Slimbrowser already has the feature built in to “Download all links,” and any file type can be typed in as a filter (e.g., *.jpg).

    Since it is not clear why All Image Downloader needs special privileges, and no explanation is given, I had rather pass.

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    Jonathan Myers

    I contacted the developer to see if they could maybe remedy the situation, and to my surprise, I received an email back, saying that they checked it out, and my license key should now work. They even included a screenshot of my license key successfully activating something, which was a nice touch, bc if the developer said it was a valid license key, then it had to be valid, dammit.
    Unfortunately, my license key is still invalid.

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    Unable to register.
    Tried to search a key word, error: cannot connect to server. please try again later or check your network.
    installed the application on a test system to try the features with no firewall or av blocking it.

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    [ @Chuck]

    online version of thie imgdownload also not able to retrieve files or download files. only google working online to search, url download does not work. appears to have server issues with the application

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