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    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Allavsoft Downloader, post it here! If you know of issues with Allavsoft Downloader, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Nick H

    There have been more recent versions of this software offered online for free. I’m saying this as installing older software can put you at risk if you use unpatched apps.

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    No 100% discount :( from 29$ to 19$ only. Unistalled !

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    Finally I have got serial number :) it’s OK
    But regular price isn’t 59$, it’s 29$

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    Juergen Lilien

    Is this a Giveaway of an older version (v3.22.8 according to your description)?
    It seems v3.23.3.7740 is the latest version and I have v3.23.3.7702 already on my system (also a giveaway).

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    [ @Juergen Lilien] This is version v3.23.3.7740
    And its free. The link given takes you to the sales page. Best to go into the actual site to download it. Installing the serial number is easy.

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    Allan Brunner

    Featured reviews – with one exception – are three years or more out of date. It stopped being able to work with YouTube ages ago; the only thing I know of that works for YouTube is VCL Media player.

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    tiit sepp

    This application wants to know your passwords for the sites you use.
    I don’t think he should do that. For other similar applications, I don’t have to enter my own passwords. I think it’s malware.

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    THANKS !

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    Daniel Silva

    I think this version have a some bug
    I tried to download Spotify music and getting error.
    I tried to download video from Youtube and when I input user and password, the program ask to put the user and password again.
    I cannot use the extensions for Firefox or Chrome
    So I’m unistalling

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    J Jupin

    Won’t register, who is the License Name under?

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    [ @J Jupin] I put SharewareOnSale and it worked. Hope this helps.

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    So far, so good. No problem with the registration.
    @ Daniel S., the developer has mentioned that they dropped the Extensions support. I’m seeing those options still there but greyed out.
    @ Allan B., I’ve only tried YouTube thus far, but have successfully downloaded about 14 videos from there. (All of which came in at 720P, though that may have been the best quality that was available from the site, or a max. that the program’s ‘Best’ setting could find.)
    It it goes on to do as well with several of the other sites I visit, I would be rating this one highly.

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    Don’t work with Youtube.

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    [ @Tom]
    I’ve got a whole bunch of YT videos downloaded since this giveaway was offered that argue to the contrary. Frankly, wasn’t expecting it to be this easy and trouble-free, but I haven’t hit any roadblocks at YT



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