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    Thank you for this great program!

    Thanks, Sonyc! Glad to hear it’s working fine for you. :)

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    To anyone that has problems running it (after first trying with your anti-virus disabled and/or in Windows Safe Mode): please email me at info@alomware.com so I can look further into it, and help you out. Make sure to include the version of Windows you’re running. Don’t give up yet; a fix might indeed be possible if I get enough info to trouble-shoot what’s going wrong! :)

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    Okay, we think we’ve found the problem of hotkeys not working on systems less than Windows 7. For anyone who couldn’t set up a hotkey with it, please email me at info@alomware.com to test a fixed promo version. Thanks!

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    Nick H

    [@AlomWare] Thanks for the reply Paul. I always check sites like Softpedia for reviews on software offered by sites like SOS if I’m not familiar with the program. I’ve seen good reviews for Actions and was very interested in finding out more by trying it. I did disable software that I thought might be conflicting – anti-virus/malware and other software like SpyShelter, all to no avail.

    I didn’t try installing in safe mode, it was an option I’d considered but I had no more spare time to do that, I’d already spent several hours trying to get it to work. I might try that tomorrow, today I have no time free.

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    Nick, another thing you can try is on someone else’s PC, if you can.

    I don’t know if you’ve emailed me, but shoot me an email at info@alomware.com if you like, so I can link to a newer test version.


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    Nick H

    [@AlomWare] Paul – thanks for the offer of emailing you, if I get time tomorrow I’ll try a safe mode installation, otherwise I’ll do it asap. If that fails I’ll try the installation on a different computer, we don’t have another Win 7 Pro 64-bit one at home to see if it is this particular setup, rather than the OS, that is the PC I’d really prefer to put it on. I’ll email you soon on this, thanks again.

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    Another thought: don’t try to run the app with Sandboxie or a similar tool, as that won’t work.

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    To XP users: there is an XP-fixed version now. I don’t know if SoS will let me post it here, but anyone interested can email us for the link via our website. Thank you. :)

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    AlomWare Actions v1.36 is now released, with some fixes (including XP compatibility) and a bucketload of additions. Please visit http://www.alomware.com if interested. Thanks for your comments, everybody! :) Paul.

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