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    Rithik Raj

    Well in the email i received it says i should install the software , and activate it with the following license key but the license key looks like this

    License key:

    and blank , i don’t maybe you forgot to fill the space with a code , but sorry to say i did not get a free copy :( , please send me a code if possible , and if there is some issue with the code , i can totally understand , No problems :) but i would really loved this software since i needed it :(

    Thank You

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    Sam Ferris

    Same … did not receive License Key.

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    Hi, no Licence code included in offer. And from looking at the other posts you are aware of. Thanks for all the great programs you guys list for us to use.

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    where is they key ??
    its a limited program if no key

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    No key

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    Eulalia Fahrradklingel

    Keine Aktivierung ohne Serial Nr. möglich!
    Nur Zeitverschwendung, ab in die Tonne!

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    @Everyone: My apologies. I forgot to include the key today. I’ve fixed it now. Please try again.

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    Francis Borne

    Many thanks to Dennis Nelson for his excellent comments.
    As far as I can see this is the free trial offered at http://amazing-share-studio.com/download/dr_recovery.exe

    I have followed both links on Checkout for downloading (by the way I didnt’ get a complete download I think with the “mirror” = original site when trying several times) , and when I visited amazing-share-studio.com afterwards the download link for the trial had alread changed color to “already visited”.

    I think that’s the reason why Dennis Nelson was allowed to recover 20 files only.
    That’s possibly a very unfriendly act of amazing-share-studio.com to offer an unusable trial as SoS giveaway. I hope this error (????) will be corrected by amazing-share-studio.com very soon.

    Evidently they have changed their name in the meantime as I remember that I met their products “Any xyz” elsewhere before but never tried before.
    I’m collecting recovery programs (non destructive ones) as in worst case I’ll try one after theother, as outcome need not be identical.
    But best three advices: backup, backup and backup.

    And sorry that I won’t bother to try out this trial.

    And thanks to Ashraf (MrBoss) and others for great SoS site.

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    Eulalia Fahrradklingel

    Serial is missing, no activation.
    My previous post was deleted,
    Unable to tolerate the truth?

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    Thank you,Ashraf!

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    Нет ключа активации.

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    Serial is = QQTNX-6NMQK-P4YXY-W2H2Y-1FI7J

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    [ @Ashraf]
    Where is the key, I still can’t see it

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