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    Have something to say about ANALOG Projects 3? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than ANALOG Projects 3, post it here! If you know of issues with ANALOG Projects 3, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    John Henry

    This company NEVER sends a key. Never sends a Password reset. To test that I tried 2 different email sddresses and the same for both. One was brand new. No email. Not in spam folder. Simple a con. Then both emails begain getting spams. They are just after your email to sell it to spammers. BEWARE

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    Greg Coben

    Registers successfully using the Activation Code received via email, but then as soon as the program starts it requests a Serial Number. Without this Serial Number, all you have is a 30-day trial of the program.

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    Jo La

    Go the product (Sorry SOS I dislike your wrapper process)… I did eventually get a Serial number from Franzis. Be careful using cut & paste to enter the numbers…. Then the serial Number is the Long number (given a different name in the email) and you should be OK.
    Did I say I really dislike the Wrapper application from SOS – It always want to download to my C: Drive which I have as a ssd for the OS only.

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    NON mi E stato spedita la chiave di attivazione per il programma ANALOG Progetti3 per qiuale motivo? ho installato il programma ma manca detta Chive per ATTIVARE. Prego URGENTE una RISPOSTA.

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    Never got registration code from the owner!!!

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    How long will it take for the serial number?

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    Guido the Software Pimp

    Oh man boo hiss and tell the Hitler data collectors that MAKE you check both boxes for email and garbage letter or it’s a no go, NEVER sent the REMEMBER THIS if it’s from Germany it’s SHIT, see Germans look like shit, they smell like shit so they are shit. Block them at the firewall. Guido the Software Pimp says so…… go play in your gas chambers!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    [ @Ashraf] No problem getting the user id and registration code – found it in my spam folder. Meanwhile, the installation goes smoothly although it says it can’t find Photoshop Elements on my PC. Meanwhile, the folder was downloaded on my PC. Copied & pasted the folder to reside with the software. Re-installed a couple of times, to no avail. The program does work without it, but would like to include it if anyone can assist. Thank you, Elizabeth

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    Doc WhiteRaven

    Once again a software company claims it will send the necessary data for registering their program, and they DO NOT! My SPAM folder is already set to accept any of their emails…more bandwidth the problem?!? Whatever it is, those who cannot, for whatever reason, fulfill their end of any bargain, and when they don’t it is no bargain, they can count on my not supporting them by purchasing their products…that’s, ’nuff said!

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    [ @Kirk] Next day and still no serial number. I’m patient, but this is annoying.

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    [ @Ashraf] How can I get the serial number?

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    Been several days since I made this purchase and like the others still no serial number nor reply from this vendor… What’s going on?? I realize this is a free item but what good is it to offer the product and then not make good on making it useable – most exaspirating!!

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    I have no rating for the product (I gave a 1 as it is a required field) as I have not yet received a s/n. This is my first review that I can’t say much for until the serial number comes through. Black hole I guess. Disappointing.

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    If you are waiting for the email long time, then something was wrong with signing up and you will never get the registration code email.

    Please try again and click the button Internet.


    How to get the registration code:

    When you start the setup you see ” Registration in 4 steps ”

    1. Please klick the button Internet

    The registration form opens in your browser:

    2a. Step: Register

    You see:

    ” Thank you very much for your registration.
    Your confirmation email is on its way to you ” – this is misleading, you must first signing up.

    At the bottom of the form please fill in E-mail address and Password and press “Get your free code now” to signing up.

    If you don’t have a password, or
    if you got the error message “The entered password is invalid. Please try again.”

    – then please klick on “Forgotten your password?” link and you will get a new password.
    Please use that and fill in E-mail address and Password again and press “Get your free code now”.

    2b. Step: Complete Data

    When you see this step in your browser then you are signed up successfully.

    If you see the Complete data form with all your account data, complete it and press “Continue”.

    If you already have an account you will see ” You will receive an e-mail in a few minutes… ”

    The server will send you your personal user ID and the registration code to your email address. It takes less than 15 minutes.

    Use the personal user ID and the registration code to continue the setup.

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