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    Have something to say about AnyPassword Pro? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than AnyPassword Pro, post it here! If you know of issues with AnyPassword Pro, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    After downloading and installing, registration does not work.
    I tried pasting the code multiple times, with and without the “License Key:”. Only the code and making sure it’s characters only. I’ve also tried saving it to a .Key file.
    It does not error, it simply accepts, press ok, and nothing! It still shows as unregistered.

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    licence key doesn’t work!

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    Où enregistrer la clé d’activation ?

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    Instructions tell you to Paste the key, click OK and then exit the program. When you re-enter the program it is registered to SharewareOnSale

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    C’est OK merci

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    Make sure to copy and paste just the license key numbers, and after your paste and click on “register” it appears not be be registered properly. Just close program and then re-open it and you will see that it is now properly registered.
    Enjoy !!!

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    Désolé pour l’éditeur, mais cet outil est très en retrait de ce qui se fait aujourd’hui, je pense notamment à DASHLANE pour ne citer que lui, qui est absolument excellent.
    ANYPASSWORD pro est également très en retrait sur le plan de l’IHM. C’est une présentation digne de windows 98.
    Pour ma part, je l’ai installé, enregistré et désinstallé immédiatement.
    Cordialement à vous, lecteurs.

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    José Carlos de Souza

    Ao tentar instalar, da erro e a instalação não é concluída,sou obrigado a cancelar a instalação

    “Ocorreu um erro ao tentar criar um arquivo no diretório de destino:”.

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    Peter Blaise

    AnyPassword Pro seems to have no smarts, it cannot automatically watch and learn user IDs and passwords and answers to security questions at any website in any browser, then auto-insert those user IDs, passwords, and answers to security questions at a later time, especially not from another computer or phone … so what’s it for?

    It seems to have a lot of manually operatable tools to build and apply passwords, and a random password generator, but no automation, just a lot of hard work for the end user to feed it, with no ability to overcome, for instance, Bank of America’s endless demands for changing your password with each and every visit.

    Why not just use a [ Notepad ] document, or if you want to lock your reference, a password-protected [ Word ] or [ Excel ] document, or any document zipped into a password protected zip file?

    I’m better off with a paper cheat-sheet that I can carry to any computer, rather than be stuck with a program in one computer that I cannot take with me wherever I need to access a web page — from my phone, the library, a hotel, my friend’s house …

    Sorry … but this was last programmed in 2011, and the world has evolved, we all need a portable all-purpose OS-independent cloud coordinated and encrypted app that talks to all our devices.

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    The program has a rusty interface, but WOW! – it’s executable is only 365 KB and it works fine on my Windows 10! It keeps passwords locally in a single file and can install itself onto a USB drive – i’ll never store my passwords in modern cloud-based solutions! The program can autofill login forms, but this can be a bit tricky to setup.
    The latest 2.0 RC2 (release candidate?) version from the developers site looks much more up-to-date. Unfortunately, the free key doesn’t work with it, so don’t update if you want it for free! It seems they give away the old version before a new release. And yes, restart it after registration!

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    Good things come in small packages! Really, the size of .EXE is about 0.3 MB, it can be placed even on a floppy disk (remember?). Just for comparison, the Sharewareonsele’s wrapper size is >2 MB. An Android version with synchronization is highly needed.

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    Just installed on W7 Pro 32-bit – Program Version is 1.07 – Registration failed

    Upon starting I paste the code provided (being sure not to include any extra character) but the initial requester still state unregistered.

    The instructions on the SoS exiting page are misleading:
    They state:
    “You will be asked to register it the first time you run a backup”
    but nowhere inside the program there is a “backup option…


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