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    Have something to say about Apex All in One PDF Tools? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Apex All in One PDF Tools, post it here! If you know of issues with Apex All in One PDF Tools, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    No code is requested program gives always that the limit is exceeded?

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    Can not register!
    At start of program only get window with two options “Buy” and “Close”

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    Can not register! At start of program only get window with two options “Buy” and “Close”

    I have the same problem

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    Registration screen asks for a name as well as key, and only a key has been provided.

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    Easy install; use your name and the code. Menu is straightforward, I have a favorite program for doing some of these functions but not all so I expect to use this program frequently. Thanks!

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    Amir D

    Hi Ashraf,
    Can not register.
    At start of program the only option available is “Buy” and “Close”.
    Can you please help?


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    FYI – for those who had already downloaded and installed this on July 11, 2015: this is the same version, v2.4.8.2.

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    I downloaded and installed the same version on 7/12/15 which was said to be a “lifetime license”. But when I launched the program, it said license expired, asking me to “Buy” or “Close”! So I uninstalled the previous program, downloaded and attempted to install the same version today, but got the same message “Buy” or “Close” options, can not register! Hope to see some good faith and better skills from vendor, so we don’t have to waste so much time!

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    I asked Apex support about the “Bye” “Close” problem.
    I got following reply:
    “Sorry to say but this offer is for new users only. You have to buy a license to use further in future.”
    Good trick!!!

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    [@Hans] What the fuck? They never told us this. I’m cancelling this giveaway. Sorry folks!

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    Have to call this a major FAIL, no matter how you look at it. A version of this program I had installed some time ago (must have been during the previous giveaway) now refused to start, saying that the (“free”) license had expired. So I thought this reprise was timely, uninstalled the last giveaway, and installed this one — **BEFORE they pulled this giveaway** — and guess what ? It says the free license has expired ! So, thanks for nuthin’ ! Uninstalling this, AGAIN. Does NOT engender much faith in the developer !

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    J’avais téléchargé et installé la même version le 12.07.15 qui était une ” Licence à vie “.
    J’ai la copie d’écran que j’avais conservée lors de cette installation précédente et elle indique bien Licence à vie.
    Et subitement ce programme est ” mort “. Vous avez certainement programmé l’expiration d’Apex All in One PDF Tools….
    Cela est très malhonnête de votre part !

    Quand je désire démarrer ce programme, il affiche ” expiré “, me demandant de ” Acheter ” ou ” Fermer “! Donc, j’ai désinstallé ce programme précédent, téléchargé et essayé d’installer la version d’aujourd’hui que vous proposez gratuitement, mais j’ai reçu le même message ” Acheter ” ou ” Fermer “, il n’y pas d’option pour s’inscrire.
    Et pas d’option pour entrer la clé de licence. Il faut corriger vos erreurs et ” bug ” SVP.
    Cela est une mauvaise offre de votre part car le programme ne s’ouvre pas; donc il n’est pas possible d’entrer la clé de licence qui est fournie.
    Je précise que la validité de votre offre n’était pas terminée lors de l’installation ( le 24.03.2017 à 08 heure GMT ).
    Maintenant j’ai perdu 2 fois ce programme :
    – Sur mon ordinateur avec Windows XP : Apex All… version 2015 est mort ( sans erreur de travail )
    – Sur mon PC avec Windows 7 : Apex All… version 2016 est mort. ” ” ”
    Je vous demande de m’envoyer une correction pour votre problème SVP.
    Avec mes salutations. Mr Claude

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    N Aronson

    I too had this give away last time, used it a lot and was very happy with it till it suddenly told me that my license had expired (although I’m sure that was not indicated at the time). I was therefore so happy that it came up once again (and again without indicating that it was time-limited) but as the other commentators above I’m not given the chance to even open it. I feel very sore about this. Ashraf please avoid using these swindlers next time

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