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    The software doesn’t install even after having deactivated my antivirus; by the way, if it is a subscription that lasts one year, there is no use to install it!

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    [@daniel colombet] Same experience for me . Will not install.

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    New Year joke?

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    Following multiple attempts to install, program file is empty and no program opens.

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    Пришлось ставить с офф сайта и там же регнуться. При запуске софта перезашел в новый аккаунт.

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    1 year lifetime license!!! Sure! The programme description sounds interesting, but if the developer is incapable of a) create an installation scenario that work and b) if the description is so wrong, then it might be a good thing that it didn’t install!!!

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    fake software only

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    Dear Admin,

    Same as all the above.
    Win 10 PC.
    Install gets to halfway, then crashes with no error code.
    Leaves behind an apparently empty folder in C:\Program Files (x86), and a couple of Registry entries (minor).
    Nothing related in “Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Security and Maintenance\Problem Reports ”

    Can someone be of assistance?

    Thank you in advance.

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    James Whiteside

    Same as the above. It sounded like a good program so tried several times to install it. It aborted 2/3 of the way through. Please let me know if it’s fixed

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    Jerry Sindo Garcia

    Thank you, now I can test this software.

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    I worked with the previous version and I have a VIP account in ApowerMirror.
    For this program I have not even installed the Bonjour service for Windows 10,
    which it requires. And yet it works (albeit slowly) installed on a flash drive!

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    [@Rudens] Jerry, are you able to actually install the progrm?

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    [@micieli] > used the developers site as well, downloaded and installed the program. After that click on face logo (upper right corner) in the program and either create an account or log in. Once inside, log out, close program then re-open program and log into company via the face logo. Your account should pop up trial, but along bottom will say “Activate VIP” Click and use the code Ashraf sent, then you are activated for the year. At least it worked that way for me.

    Thanks! Worked for me too!

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    I had the same install issue, so I went to the Apower site and downloaded the program, and it installed with no problem. Activated the software with the key given by Sharewareonsale and I’m good to go. Use instructions DJ mentioned above…

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    Maybe this will encourage others to give it a try.

    I don’t know if they fixed something or not, but downloading, installing, running, registering, using — all worked well for me. Sadly my bluetooth adaptor is too old to let me run my phone using my PC mouse, but I was able to mirror my screen and audio and used it to capture a video. The audio in the video was not as good as the original, but not bad. Maybe if I closed everything else on my phone & PC it would have worked better. Win 10, Dell XPS 8910 (6 or 7 years old), iPhone X. I had an older version installed (expired) so I used Soft Organizer to remove it first. Already had the account on APowerSoft site. I used the installer downloaded from SOS site.

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